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Visit the Museum of Natural Sciences El Carmen de Onda

Visit the Museum of Natural Sciences El Carmen de Onda

On August 3 we visited the Museo del Carmen de Onda. A museum of natural sciences that is sure to interest the youngest members of the family. It is best to pay a visit of about 2 hours and at a cost of €5 per person or to organize school trips.

If you’re in the area, you can visit the museum and the San Jose de la Val Duexo caves.


The museum started in 1955 as a museum Cabinet for science, physics and chemistry lessons From the Carmelites of Onda. The collection began to grow and in 1965 the new museum was opened to the public, next to the Church of Hope and the Carmelite Monastery.

It is a museum in one bowl 75m x 20m on 3 floors. where we find a lot of animal anatomy.

Currently, there are more than 2,000 species of mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, crustaceans, and patriacs. Similarly, there are about 5,500 species in the invertebrates department, over 1,500 plants in herbs, 3,500 minerals, more than 500 fossils, and the same number in the angelology department. Fifty anatomical pieces and the same in the orthopedic department.

They are divided into the following classifications: carnivorous mammals, herbivorous mammals, aquatic animals, birds, other mammals, primates, amphibians and reptiles, other birds, arthropods and mollusks, matter, land, matter and life, life and evolution, plant life, evolution of life.

Looking at these collections, Andrea Wolff’s stories about Alexander von Humboldt in his great book come to mind. nature’s invention.

collection ethics

The first thing a lot of people tell me is that they are worried and/or sad to find out that they are stuffed animals.

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Once I got into the show, I asked if the group was still expanding. They said yes. But this is no longer the same as in the beginning. Animals are not killed to expose them. Now when an animal dies in a zoo, they call it in case they are interested in the museum.


I leave you pictures of the visit. I feel like they have low quality, but the low light, crystals and transitioning with two girls make everything difficult.

The basement is the most magnificent, it is dedicated to mammals, birds and large animals, which is what impresses the most. There are animals from all over the world. From giraffes, rhinos and lions to all kinds of birds from cows, deer, mongoose, snakes and reptiles. from everything.

Each animal is named after its scientific name and the region from which it comes. and he A good way to appreciate the large amount of domestic animals we have. Many animals that we have not seen before that live in the rivers and forests near our house.