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What exercises help reduce the risk of heart disease?

What exercises help reduce the risk of heart disease?

There are increasingly more convincing findings about the importance of physical activity for reducing the chances of developing cardiovascular disease.

According to a study published by the Journal of the American Society of Cardiology and reported by the Medical News Today website: The survey conducted at Massachusetts General Hospital demonstrated that people who met the recommended levels of… Physical activity They had a 23% lower risk My heart disease.

The benefit was particularly noticeable among those who also suffered from depression.

Chest pain, a warning sign that should not be underestimated Photo Shutterstock

With these conclusions, the Medical News Today article explains that experts have proven that heart disease can develop from behaviors associated with depression or conditions associated with anxiety or stress. Given that, Physical exercise It can have a positive impact.

The conclusion reached by Dr. Ahmed Tawakkol, one of the researchers and a cardiologist at the Center for Cardiovascular Imaging Research at Massachusetts General Hospital, was convincing. For him, “exercise has allowed us to double reduce the risk of injury Cardiovascular diseases Among people with depression.

The survey included nearly 50 thousand people. Among them, 774 participants had brain imaging tests to help measure stress-related brain activity.

What exercises should be done to protect the heart?

Chosen routine for Heart protection It will depend on each person's physical condition and circumstances.

Riding a bike is an aerobic activity that benefits the heart. Photo iStock.

As general guidelines, MedlinePlus suggests implementing them Aerobic activities. Some possibilities: walking, swimming, gentle jogging or cycling.

It is worth noting that these indicators are indicative and do not replace medical advice. The specialist will be responsible for developing a specific routine according to personal needs.