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The Aragon Institute of Health Sciences will have a health data office

The Aragon Institute of Health Sciences will have a health data office

Managing Director of Aragon Institute of Health Sciences (IACS).), Elena Gonzalvo, announced on Wednesday Establishment of a health data office As a means to “transform the health system” while appearing before the Cortes Commission on Health.

An intervention in which he explained the Institute’s work paths to the legislative authority at the request of the Branch Minister, the Socialist Workers’ Party, and the International Federation, “with ten clear challenges,” among which he highlighted The importance of big data “as a tool to provide high-quality data”.

Gonçalvo noted that good training is essential and explained that IACS faces the challenge of identifying the needs and shortcomings of the system and being able to measure their impact, as he noted that It will enhance cooperation between the public and private sectors As a basic initiative to address social challenges, as well Create a “network of buyers to promote public procurement of innovation.”

Among the challenges the director also addressed Internal organizational improvement Parliamentary sources reported that through technological programs that allow more flexibility or improved communication with the outside world.

Gonçalvo highlighted that Aragon is cooperating in developing health policies that allow this Putting the community “on the map of health improvement in Europe” He made that clear IACS is part of the New European Partnership for Personalized Medicine (EP PerMed) which aims to improve future healthcare for all citizens by personalizing treatment, diagnosis and prevention.

with The total budget is about 375 million euros And more 50 international partnersIACS leads the package responsible for the implementation of personalized medicine in health systems, say sources from the Aragon Government.

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When asked by the PSOE and IU about the collective agreement for IACS workers, the director confirmed that they were working to reach agreements although she stressed that it was an agreement that had expired “for seven years.”