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The City of Arts and Sciences of Valencia presents the first public exhibition of Pablo Achugarry in Spain

The City of Arts and Sciences of Valencia presents the first public exhibition of Pablo Achugarry in Spain

The City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia holds the first public exhibition of the artist's sculptures Pablo Achugarry Made in Spain and can be visited outside the complex on a free admission tour. “Achugari.” “Towards the Future” proposes a dialogue between architecture and the sculptures themselves, as the artist explained at the opening of the exhibition, an event attended by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of CACSA, Santiago Lumbreras, and the General Director of the City of Arts and Sciences, Ana Ortels.

The Consul General of Italy in Barcelona also attended the presentation of the new exhibition. Emanuele Manzetticurator of the exhibition and professor of art history at the University of Elche, Cosme di Baragnanoand Uruguay's National Director of Culture, Mariana Weinstein.

Achughari described presenting his works at Ciutat de les Arts i les Cièency as “very exciting” and a meeting place in service to the community. The exhibition stands out as the artist's most important exhibition to date in Spain and is a new commitment from the Ciutat de les Arts y les Cièency towards public and urban art, which seeks a meeting between science, nature and art at the same time. space.

The pieces are located along the exterior of the complex, from the Museu de les Cièency to the museum Palau de les Arts, passing through half of the Earth. “Achugari.” “Toward the Future” consists of “Harmony,” “Coral Energy,” “Living Time” made of Carrara marble, and the bronze sculptures “Flower,” “Star of Light,” “Journey toward Dreams” and “Toward the Future.” ', made of steel.

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With these works, Achugari He emphasizes the existence of an “organizing force” on the one hand, with the mass stripped of matter (whether stone, bronze or steel) and on the other hand with the implicit order formalizing its almost abstract vision. The volumes vary and overlap according to the rhythm and sensibility that can be understood as music, until the basic tuning is achieved.

Pablo Achugarry is a famous Uruguayan sculptor known for his marble works. Inspired by Brancusi and Michelangelo He treats sculpture as an extension of the materials he uses, with reference to the Renaissance, Baroque, Classical Greece, older periods or even outside Europe, and uses the lessons that art history offers him to support his ideas, realizing that they have always been valid, to lead to the search for their own truth, where Form and structure blend and interact.

Achugari Gallery. “Towards the Future” is presented in this muscular scenography, of structural tensions, such as large animal skeletons housing enormous spaces surrounded by ponds or “pools” of water, producing a beautiful contrast between architecture and sculpture, transforming the City of Arts and Sciences into a unique place. To convey messages of strength, meeting, and dreaming.

In this way, the exterior of the Ciutat de les Arts i les Cièency becomes a unique place where sculpture and architecture come together, conveying messages of compassion, compassion and dreaminess. All these silent figures secretly suggest a lyricism within the structural epic framework of Calatrava's great architecture.

Pablo Achugarri currently lives and works between Lecco (Italy) and Manantiales (Uruguay), where he spends part of his time between his workshop and the International Monumental Sculpture Park and teaches and disseminates art through the Pablo Achugarri Foundation.

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Achugari Gallery. “Towards the Future” is curated by Cosme de Baragnano, Professor of Art History at the University of Elche, and is implemented in collaboration with the Museum of Contemporary Art Achugarri (MACA) in Punta del Este, Uruguay and the Contini Gallery in Italy.