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Japanese ancestral ritual that is an effective and quick cleaning method: in 15 minutes organize your home and help emotional well-being

Japanese ancestral ritual that is an effective and quick cleaning method: in 15 minutes organize your home and help emotional well-being

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the Japanese culture He has a unique perspective on happiness and peace of mind Order and cleanliness Play a essential role.

Among the techniques that stand out on this path to inner harmony are Sujia Japanese ancestral rituals Transmitted by a Buddhist monk Shoki Matsumoto.

This method can only be implemented in 15 minutes. In addition to Our converter house In a more organized spaceact like Powerful mind purificationWhich provides a feeling of calm and contentment in all areas of our lives.

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he Suji method progress pattern cleaning This goes beyond keeping the house tidyaccording to the site Clear.

In his book “Suji” the Buddhist monk Shoki Matsumoto Explore how this practice daily Driving to A Greater inner harmony And externalWhich will associate peace of mind with order and cleanliness.

in JapanCleanliness and order are observed Essential for peace of mind and happiness. That's why he is Suji It is a tool of Spiritual transformationEssential for developing a clear mind focused on the future.

Conscious cleansing of suji connects us to our essence and the environment around us. (Photo: Freebeck)

According to Matsumoto, this practice is More than simple Home choreBecause she The act of meditation Which frees us from unnecessary and promotes a calm mind free of distractions.

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The practice of soji includes:

  • Maintain a clean space.
  • The value of necessities.
  • See things as they are.
  • Establishing healthy relationships with the environment and with oneself.

this 15 minute routine It helps get rid of frustration and sadness, and promotes a calm and calm state of mind. Furthermore it, Suji It is effective in other aspects such as:

  • Reduces stress.
  • Reduce anxiety levels by focusing attention on the present and releasing what is no longer necessary, both physically and emotionally.
  • Cultivate gratitude for the little things.
  • Enhances joy in the present.
  • Contributes to greater emotional well-being.
Incorporating soji into your daily routine significantly improves the quality of life. (Photo: Archive)

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Complete focus of mind Organization: How to start a soji practice?

According to the site ClearBased on Matsumoto's words, soji is a way of living consciously and fully, where simplicity and order lead to a happier, more balanced life.

You can do this Cleaning routine As follows:

  • Started small: Don't feel overwhelmed trying to clean everything at once. Start with a small area of ​​your home and make it part of your daily routine.
  • Determine intention: When cleaning, practice Full awareness. Focus your attention on every movement and every breath. Feel the connection between your body and mind and the space you are clearing.
  • Celebrate the process: Changed your perspective on cleaning. Instead of seeing it as a boring task, Focus on Positive aspects. Celebrate your progress and discover joy in caring for your environment.
  • Create a ritual: I have created a personal ritual for practicing soji. This could be by lighting a candle, using incense, or simply taking a few deep breaths before you begin. I found what It works best for you and make it part of your routine.
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