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Quirónsalud Infanta Luisa ofrece entrevistas a pacientes con radioterapia

Quirónsalud Infanta Luisa gives radio interviews

Rafael Linares, Julia Montañez and Beatriz Mathieu.

Department of Radiation Physics and Radiation Protection in Quirónsalud Infanta Luisa Hospital in SevilleIn conjunction with the celebration of the Arab Republic of Egypt World Medical Physics Day This Monday, November 7, the launch of a new media program for patients undergoing treatment radiotherapyAvailable to users who request it.

Radiation physicists are responsible for calculating and optimizing the doses of radiation that patients receive, both in procedures used to diagnose diseases and in other procedures that allow them to treat, ensuring Safe and effective use of medical procedures that use radiation. As the head of the Department of Radiological Physics at Quirónsalud Infanta Luisa Hospital explained, Rafael Linaresthese types of meetings are already routinely held with patients from the Nuclear Medicine Service who are undergoing radioactive iodine therapy to cthyroid cancer And the hyperthyroidism With Excellent Results.

In this case, it’s about extending it to patients of the radiotherapy service so that those who want it can get Interview Where they can gain greater knowledge of the technical details of their own processing. In this way, it “can contribute to increased adherence to treatment, as well as dispel false myths about radiation, providing honest information On the technical aspects of the radiotherapy process at the hands of the indicated specialists, ”emphasizes Beatrice MatthewHe is also a radiation physicist and head of the radiological protection department at the hospital.

which is specifically in radiotherapy, Implicated in approximately 65 percent of cancer treatments Exclusively or in combination with surgery and/or chemotherapy, it is one area in which the use of ionizing radiation has advanced the most in recent years, thanks in large part to the research work of radiation physicists, which has led to an unprecedented increase in the quality and safety administered It has treatments. In this sense, Linaris highlights that “the current trend is to reduce the number of sessions and to increase the radiation dose given in each session, thanks to evolution in machines Linear accelerators and advances in the ability to calculate dose with precision were previously unimaginable.”

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More convenience and efficiency

According to the specialist, she went from treating breast cancer in 25 sessions to treating her in 15 sessions, and in select cases, even in five sessions; In the prostate, from the old schemes of 38-40 sessions, it has gone into hypo-fragmentation of 20 sessions, and in some cases another 5-6 sessions can be considered, with the advantage Increase comfort for patientsIn addition to increasing effectiveness. In some lung tumors, ineffective conventional treatments of about 30 sessions have progressed to only three sessions, in many cases resulting in Surgical-like effect in terms of survival and local controland reduce side effects.

Although radiotherapy is a fascinating field, in general, it is almost impossible to imagine current medicine without the work of radiophysicists and the use of radiation, as they are routinely used to diagnose, regulate or follow up virtually any disease process. This is the condition of the equipment used in hemodynamics To place stents, surgical braces (radiology equipment) that are used in almost any intervention so that the surgeon can get a instant photo From within the region of interest, staging of tumors through the use of PET-CT or guideline studies in tumor cases performed in nuclear medicineamong other applications.

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