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Medicina liga el retraso del RD de Especialidades al estudio económico

Economic studies after the delay in searching for specializations

Final approval of Royal Decree of Specialties, Which the Ministry of Health planned to do in the first months of 2022, is being delayed more than expected and doubts are growing among the environment in the National Specialties Committee about the reason that justifies the delay. That is, as they moved to medical writing Members of the said committeeAnd the The wallet led by Carolina Darias will work on Preparing the economic report That will accompany RD.

As this newspaper has already announced, the latest draft of the new regulations governing medical specialties You do not have an economic report because Health realized that it has no effect on the general budget of the state or on the accounts of the autonomous communities.

However, health professionals hint that the ministry has changed its mind, because, according to numerous sources from various committees of specialties, they want prevent recurrence what happened with him The failed royal decree for the core content.

We must remember that this was Overturned by the Supreme Court Because the Regulatory Analysis Report on Economic and Budgetary Impact was “grossly inadequate”. A ruling passed despite the health defense that its application would have no extraordinary cost to independent societies. Something the Supreme did not understand very well.

Delays in research and development in disciplines supported by scientific societies

Once the scientific societies present their arguments and give their consent to RD’s most recent draft for majors, They understood and welcomed the delay in final approval. Medical authorities consider it so “It is better to do things right and not be in a hurryto adopt the new regulations.

In addition, they understand that the right thing is that any modification It must be done Accompanied by a budget estimate and a decision on how to implement it. Sources close to the commission claim that this is “part of the logic”. Likewise, if it is not true that they are working on it, they warn that falling again on the same stone “would not be clever” and encourage The ‘only way’ to make repairs is to make them ‘viable’.

What changes is RD thinking of majors?

The long-awaited RD Specialties is a great step into health coaching. With the aim of promoting continuous training and meeting the demands of Europe, the foundations of establishing a Compulsory recertificationwhich will initially be every 10 years Depending on the progress of its development, the term can be adjusted to 7 or 5 years.

Another key aspect is progression in Super Specialty or Sub-Specialization through Diplomas Specific Training Area (ACE) LLC. Training method where you can bring together professionals who come from Various medical specialties Share a common topic. An example would be ACE in palliative care that would accommodate internists and family physicians, among others.

Finally, it also rejuvenates some aspects of MIR. and now There will be no penalty for 4 years without being able to take the National Health System (SNS) access test For those who give up their MIR position.

Although it may contain statements, statements, or notes from health institutions or professionals, the information in medical writing is edited and prepared by journalists. We recommend the reader to consult a health professional for any health-related questions.

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