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In Portuguesa and Sucre they explore the wonderful world of science

In Portuguesa and Sucre they explore the wonderful world of science

A total of 65 students from the Alberto Levi Moura School, located in Acarigua, Báez Municipality, State of Portugal, participated in the scientific track organized as part of the National Scientific Seed Programme, managed by the Ministry of Popular Power of Science and Technology (MINSET).

On this occasion, fifth grade boys and girls got to know and explore the spaces of the National Institute of Agricultural Research (Inia), together with officials dedicated to serving science and the field of agri-food.

During the activity, students learned about the rodent control process carried out with the support of barn owls.

The experience included a tour of the Semillas Conasen laboratory, where they were able to learn about the equipment used to conduct moisture, purity and disease analyzes in seeds.

Applied animal health topics in rabbit breeding, entomology, and plant pathology were among the topics covered during the visit, with a focus on meat production for consumption, and the study of pests in grains and legumes, in addition to fungi that attack crops.

Fun science in Sucre

In Cumana, the Foundation for the Development of Science and Technology and the Center for the Development of Quality Education in Sucre organized the “Playful Science” activity of the National Scientific Seeds Programme, aimed at filling children and girls from the European Union “César Díaz”.

Students were amazed at the contributions of physics and chemistry to life, after learning about Newton’s laws through practical experiments using dynamometers, Atwood’s machine, and dynamic vehicles.

Also in the chemistry laboratory, they gained information about the concept of pH through experiments such as the “traffic light” and the “chemical candle,” which aroused great enthusiasm and fascination.

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At the same time, in Caropano, students of UEP Corazón de Jesús were fascinated by practical experiments in the field of chemistry, conducted by Olixis Mundarim.

One of the experiments that sparked the greatest interest in science among young people was the reaction between sodium bicarbonate and acetic acid.

The Bolivarian Government, through Mincyt and the Great Mission of Science, Technology and Innovation “Dr. Humberto Fernandez Moran continues to awaken early vocations in boys, girls and young people, through the National Program of Scientific Seedlings, as a policy of direct interest that will allow us to have a new generation of researchers in the future to offer solutions to the problems of the motherland.

Communications Department Office of the Ministry of Popular Power for Science and Technology / Journalist: Vanessa Gutierrez, with information from Fundacite Sucre and Fundacite Portuguesa.