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Social and health science degrees are most in demand in job offers

Social and health science degrees are most in demand in job offers

Jobs in the branches of social and legal sciences, health sciences and engineering degrees are most in demand by companies, according to a study by Infoempleo and LHH Recruitment Solutions, and in the case of Galicia, demands focus on degrees education, pedagogy, nursing and medicine.

For the first time since this study was conducted, teaching and pedagogy tops the list of most in-demand occupations, with 24.63% of vacancies on job offers. Nursing remains in second place, with 11.15% of offers, although the numbers are negative year-on-year.

Medicine and biomedicine lost the top spot on this list, and they represent 8.95% of job offers directed to university graduates.

The study also indicates that among the degrees that provide the highest number of job opportunities in Galicia, there are also Business Administration and Management (ADE), and Communications Engineering.

National data

Nationally, jobs in the social and legal sciences (46.36%) led demand last year, and their presence in supply requirements increased by more than nine percentage points compared to 2022, replacing health as the leading degrees in knowledge areas from 2021.

For its part, health sciences professions (27.39%), which were the most in demand during the pandemic years, fell to second place and decreased by 12.89% compared to 2022.

Degrees in engineering and architecture, present in 24.24% of offers, rose by 3.62 percentage points over the past year and are gradually regaining ground lost in recent years. Science (1.01%) and Arts and Humanities (1%) majors are the least in demand.

high demand

Depending on specific qualifications, Education and Pedagogy degrees top the list of most in-demand degrees in Spain in 2023, representing 11.12% of total offers.

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In addition, its presence in offers increased by 1.33 percentage points (highest year-on-year growth).

For its part, nursing, which led demand in Spain last year, is in second place with 5.84% of supply after losing 4.94 points last year (the second deepest decline year-on-year).

ADE rises to third place after several years out of the top three, now accounting for 4.99% of job offers to university students although its proportion has continued to decline (this time three-tenths).


For the first time since 2020, the health sector does not top the demand for university graduates, as the education and training sector rose last year to first place, becoming the largest applicant for this training level.

The training sector accounted for 17.98% of the employment offer for university graduates in 2023, an increase of 0.30 points compared to 2022.

The health sector fell to second place in the sectoral distribution of published offers requiring university graduates, and now accounts for 16.48% of vacancies, fifteen points lower than it was in 2022.