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The university court overturns the expulsion of two teachers and a chemical sciences student

The university court overturns the expulsion of two teachers and a chemical sciences student

Acapulco, Guerrero, May 28, 2024.- The University Court of the Autonomous University of Guerrero (UAG) reported that the penalty imposed on 13 teachers (14 says the statement) and one student of the Faculty of Chemical Biosciences, which will be imposed on Monday and in an extraordinary session the University Council expelled members From the Higher Council of Studies due to their participation in protests against the results of the internal elections on May 21.

Meanwhile, on his Facebook page, the rector of the university, Javier Saldaña Almazán, posted a photo of a meeting with the former secretary general of the UAG and head of the group that denounced electoral fraud, Berenice Iladis Aguiar.

Javier Saldaña accompanies the photo with a text in which he states that he met with the former university official “to discuss issues related to the College of Biological and Chemical Sciences and we agree that the best thing is to follow the path of internal reconciliation and give academic priority.” Working to ensure the well-being of the student community, as well as teachers and researchers.

He identifies Iladis Aguiar as an outstanding university student and they agreed that “it is important to promote harmony and camaraderie under the principles of freedom of opinion and respect for human rights for the university community to enhance the stability of the institution.”

While the University Court indicated in a statement that the cancellation of the penalty will take place after the complainants withdraw, as well as at the request of the President of the University Council, Javier Saldaña Almazan.

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In the statement signed by the President of the University Court, Isaias Sánchez Nájera, he indicated that it would be submitted “for ratification” to the next plenary session of the University Council on June 6, the day on which the new directors will be appointed. He took the oath and left “except what was the right of peers.”

“Unity and harmony are the way at our highest house of study, the Autonomous University of Guerrero (UAG),” the brief statement added.

Text: Karina Contreras / Image: Taken from Facebook