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Sheinbaum, Galvez, Mainz campaign wrap-up, news and more

Sheinbaum, Galvez, Mainz campaign wrap-up, news and more

Aczeno, Porter, Benny Pacheco, Darvin DCO are part of the nine artists who will entertain the afternoon of Wednesday, May 29, for supporters of the Ciudadano movement, at the “Maines Capital Festival”, the conclusion of the campaign according to which Álvarez Mines will be “different” from his opponents. .

The BlackBerry Hall in Mexico City will be the place to watch the final speech of Jorge Álvarez Mainz, the Orange Party candidate who is aiming for the presidency on June 2. The Free Festival is expected to start at 6 p.m.

It is expected that after the conclusion of the nine artistic performances, Álvarez Mainz will address his supporters before the election evening.

The invitation on the candidate’s social networks stated: “Thank you to the youth. We will conclude the campaign with a festival in their honor, and as a thank you to them, entry will be free.”

BB Hall is located in the Condesa district and has a capacity of 3,252 people. It also has a design so that all spaces are “designed to be seen clearly and comfortably,” according to the venue’s website.

The audience has only a few hours left to chant slogans and songs in support of the “Orange Party.” The candidate’s social media networks confirm that “there will be more surprises” in the lists of artists.

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