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News and latest news from Sheinbaum, Galvez and Mainz

News and latest news from Sheinbaum, Galvez and Mainz

In your X account Candidate Jorge Álvarez Maines responded to the resignation of Alejandra del Moral, the former National Revolutionary Party and Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD) candidate for governor of the state of Mexico, and her joining the position alongside Claudia Sheinbaum of Morena: “The real wounds point the finger elsewhere to ‘hide the obvious,’” reads the post.

Before a meeting with the National Confederation of University Workers, he criticized Citizen Movement candidate del Moral because he “once again shows Morena’s Institutional Revolutionary Party ties,” he told local media.

“Those on the front kept saying that everything is at stake in the state of Mexico, that it is the mother of all battles, and we ended up with a governor who surrendered to the arms of Morena and with a candidate who today takes that step,” the presidential candidate said before his meeting in Mexico City.

Furthermore, he predicted that “PRI will become a satellite for Morena in the coming years.”

During his appearance before local media, Álvarez Mainz called on the Electoral Court of the Federal Judicial Authority to stop “tampering with the elections.” According to the Ciudadano Movement presidential candidate, “They keep trying to bring us down as candidates for petty reasons.”

Finally, he reported that he would vote on Sunday, June 2, at approximately 9:00 am.

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