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UASD will celebrate the I Interdisciplinary Symposium on Social Sciences and Health

UASD will celebrate the I Interdisciplinary Symposium on Social Sciences and Health

Dr. Ibth Guzman, of the College of Humanities, and Dr. Amaury Perez-Vargas, director of research for FCES of the UASD.

The Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD), through the Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences and the Faculty of Health Sciences, will celebrate the I Interdisciplinary Symposium on Social Sciences and Health.

Professor Dr. Amaury Perez Vargas, Director of Research at UASD FCES, and Dr. Ibeth Guzmán, College of Humanities, highlight the importance of interdisciplinary research in universities.

The symposium, which will be held from Tuesday, March 28 to Thursday, March 30, in the Ricardo Michel Hall at the Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences, will include 22 exhibitors, with the participation of doctors, economists, sociologists, and specialized journalists.

The first interdisciplinary social science symposium on public health in the Dominican Republic will feature a keynote presentation by journalist Altagracia Ortiz Gómez, a popular health reporter and author of the books. Pain trading. Patients become clientsAnd In intensive care, a critical vision for the Dominican health system.

Dr. Amaury Perez Vargas expressed that for Dr. Antonio Cierraco, Dean of the School of Economics, public health has expanded in recent years and its legitimacy has been strengthened both in the actions of the state and in the practices of citizens.

Thus, Dominican society, although shaken by the existing crises in the health sector, has been strengthened by the dissemination of new knowledge and new institutions that have emerged to defend our rights.

The well-known economist considered it appropriate to hold the symposium, because it combines the political field, the administrative sector, the subject of the university, the professional field, and the medical reality, within what we call public health, which is at the heart of our greatest efforts. Concerns about risks and precautions, solidarity and responsibility, fairness and efficiency, and demographic and epidemiological developments.

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On the scientific level, Dr. Ciriaco expressed that this symposium aims to bring together researchers from the social sciences in public health issues to decipher the multiple social realities known to the Dominicans in this matter on a large scale and comprehensively.

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