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The Faculty of Science will implement a permanent exhibition at the Calfoco Coastal Water Resources Laboratory

The Faculty of Science will implement a permanent exhibition at the Calfoco Coastal Water Resources Laboratory

From December this year for the first time on the Valdivia coast, people who visit the Laboratory of Coastal Water Resources Calfuco (LCRAC) will have access to the exhibition “Kallfüko, immerse yourself in the Valdivian coast”, developed by the Faculty of Sciences of the Austral University of Chile (UACh) and its Links Unit with the environment. The project is funded by the Public Science Program of the Ministry of Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation in the category of public space for disclosure.

The permanent exhibition will cover different areas of marine science, through a tour that will value the marine heritage of the Valdivian coast with the aim of socializing scientific knowledge with a gender perspective and bringing science closer to society to promote science tourism in the region.

The tour will consist of eight modules that form a pathway of experiential stations linking marine diversity, its ecological interactions, ecosystem services and the cultural heritage of coastal communities, through joint design work with academics from the Institute of Marine and Marine Sciences. (ICML) of the UACh and local organizations, who will share their ways of life and experiences with the sea.

Working meetings have already been held with Seremi de Medio Ambiente, the National Service for Women and Gender Equality of Los Rios, and the Municipality of Coral in order to jointly define the scope and accessibility of the sample. During the month of April the meetings will continue with the associations of Neighborhood No. 22 Los Pellines and the Guarda Pichitraiguen de Curiñanco and on May 25 the project will be launched with an open activity for the community that will witness an open talk by the famous underwater photographer Eduardo Sorensen, presenting organizations and institutions that participate in the co-design and development of This exhibition and photography contest on social networks.

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Leila Cárdenas, Dean of the College of Science, explained, “Our college has not only been a leader in developing and measuring gender footprinting, but also in awarding the National Public Science Competition to develop public spaces for scientific dissemination. We want to connect with society in a closer way, open our laboratory and share scientific knowledge. We want to In the Los Rios region, we contribute to the development of scientific tourism and to communicate to visitors the vital importance that it attaches to caring for the oceans so that we, as humanity, can successfully face climate change.”