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Masterhub Aesthetic Medicine Conference

Masterhub Aesthetic Medicine Conference

Medical conferences are a golden opportunity, a meeting where all professionals from different health fields share knowledge and experiences to enlighten those who want to learn from their professional life.

In the field of aesthetic medicine, these experts share the latest trends and techniques used to reduce the signs of aging, improve skin, and achieve a healthy appearance.

this year , Masterhub Aesthetic Medicine Conference It is a convention, with limited places, that focuses on medical training by experts in this health field.

One of the most popular Aesthetic Medicine conferences in Latin America

Masterhub is a unique meeting whose content is largely based on the experience shared by the main leaders in aesthetic medicine around the world.. More than 450 professionals will have the opportunity to attend this meeting in person.

This is the only event in Latin America where attendees will see live the performance of a corpse dissection Along with Live Demos with patients, in order to fully understand technique and anatomy.

In addition, the aforementioned conference will have the active participation of Dr. Ferdinand Saidscientific director of this year’s Masterhub conference 2023, plastic surgeon of Argentine nationality, as well as a benchmark in Latin America, Asia and Europe for his highly acclaimed conferences and trainings. This meeting will take place at the Hilton Hotel, located in Buenos Aires (Argentina), on September 7 and 8, 2023.

Masterhub, meeting professionals for professionals

The Masterhub conference will feature nationally and internationally known representatives, from different parts of the world and specialists in aesthetic medicine, plastic surgery, dermatology, imagery and even law; Proven professionals from England, Croatia, Argentina, Malaysia, France, Holland, Germany, Brazil, Uruguay and Panama.

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This agreement will serve as an opportunity for professionals in the field of aesthetic medicine to be trained in various disruptive and innovative techniques.as well as on the tools and techniques currently used in the aforementioned field of health, based on scientific foundations and published in indexed journals.

In addition, the conference will hold public speaking sessions, marketing and leadership to complement the experience and training of the professionals present, to make themselves known and to expand. In conclusion, it is an opportunity not only to learn, but also to do PR.