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Legal package approved in Florida benefits Cuban doctors

Legal package approved in Florida benefits Cuban doctors

A new set of laws approved in Florida could pave the way for thousands of Cuban doctors to reevaluate their degrees in the United States.

Julio César Alfonso, president of Solidaridad sin Fronteras, explained that the package of measures opens doors to incorporate these professionals in the health system in Florida, as it removes many obstacles, including the difficult requirement of medical residency before reassessment. Eliminates the need for so-called step exams, he said America TeVe.

Act SB-7016 would require any medical professional with a degree in a foreign country to be active in any foreign country for three or four years prior to its application.

“The main requirement to be selected is to have practiced medicine actively in any country in the three years preceding the application. They see patients,” he said.

According to Alfonso, these doctors can apply to obtain a valid medical license in Florida without going through a residency period and “some steps are removed,” he pointed out.

He explained that those who qualify for the program “no longer have to do a medical residency before being reevaluated” so they can train as doctors in the state of Florida.

is estimated to be more than 30 thousand Cuban doctors could benefit With this move.

In March, the organizations Solidaridad Sin Fronteras and La Cruz Verde launched an international medical aid program for doctors in Miami, aimed at changing the slave labor of Cuban doctors abroad.

Cuban medical professionals who are away from or away from medical work will be able to offer their services and knowledge in Latin American countries, which, according to Alfonso, will help them once they pass the service to apply for the benefits of the new law.

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It is estimated that the program will benefit in the long term thousands of Cuban doctors and doctors from other countries who live in the United States but are unable to review their degrees and do not wish to practice in that country. month.

The program will take effect in the coming months and the first teams of 5 to 12 doctors will provide their services for 21 days in countries such as El Salvador, Haiti, Colombia and Honduras, and receive the full agreed salary. It's not as low-key as it is on the island when Cubans go on medical missions.