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Katy Perry spoke about her fear of Orlando Bloom's extreme reality show: 'Every time he called me, I thanked God'

Katy Perry spoke about her fear of Orlando Bloom's extreme reality show: 'Every time he called me, I thanked God'

Katy Perry has suffered tremendous distress due to Bloom's extremist activities. (Written by: Reuters/Peacock)

The new project for Orlando Bloom Make his partner nervous Kate Berry. Actor known for his roles in Pirates of the Caribbean And the privilege the Lord of the RingsHe dared to practice extreme sports that tested his courage and physical strength. The program that shows him in this bold side is titled Orlando Bloom: To the extreme (Orlando Bloom: To the edge) Filming it was also a challenge for his fiancée, who was looking forward to Bloom's safe return home.

The show, available on the Peacock digital platform, takes viewers on a series of exciting expeditions with Bloom, as the famous man dares to experiment… Deep sea diving, Free climbing And Wingsuit jumping. These adventures, although impressive, worried people Kate BerryShe admitted that she felt impressed but at the same time afraid for her fiancé's safety.

In a recent interview after an episode of American IdolPerry shared her feelings about Bloom's show. “Oh my God, I needed a ginger beer. My stomach was upset!” the actress commented, referring to the dangerous activities she saw on her partner’s show.

Bloom practiced deep-sea diving, free climbing, and wingsuit jumping. (Credits: Peacock)

The 39-year-old singer and mother Daisy DoveThe 3-year-old daughter, who she shares with Bloom, revealed how important the calls her boyfriend made during filming were, and that she felt relieved every time she talked to him. “Every time he called me, I thanked God,” he said. “When they were filming those things, he would call me at the end of the day. I was like, 'Here he is! It's your number.'

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Perry also expressed his admiration for Bloom, stressing that his courage and determination to face such challenges greatly influenced him. Despite her anxiety, she wanted to make it clear that Orlando didn't need to do extreme things to impress her.

I can't stop it, and I just want you to know, honey, that I admire and am proud of you.Perry announced into ET's microphone. But at the same time, he asked him not to take any risks again.

Wingsuit flight was one of the most intense experiences for Bloom. (Credits: Peacock)

For his part, Orlando Bloom spoke in an interview with the same mediator about the support he receives from Perry. The actor said that they both motivate each other to be the best version of themselves. “It's very encouraging… I think we're both, like cheerleaders for each other.Bloom stated.

Bloom's show consists of three episodes. In conversation with the peopleLegolas mentioned that the wingsuit jump was particularly memorable. This activity, known for the high level of adrenaline it generates, was described by the actor as a peak experience in terms of physical demand.

For his part, Bloom admitted that his partner may not have appreciated the amount of risks he would face on the program.

Bloom found freediving and rock climbing challenging but rewarding. (Credits: Peacock)

“I think my partner wasn't quite sure what she was doing until she got home; [contando todo] Excited, then he said: “Well, that's crazy.”“But now she is happy,” the actor explained. He saw it all.”

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As for the other tests, Bloom found freediving “mentally and emotionally challenging, but also very beautiful,” while rock climbing was “just a brutal struggle.”

“By doing these things, you learn to become more efficient, and that's something I wanted,” Bloom said.