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This is Quique Usales' new life outside of Telemundo

This is Quique Usales' new life outside of Telemundo

From Telemundo to Milan! That's right, gentlemen, Kiki Osels He bid farewell to Miami and settled in Italy. “I'll tell you how my life is going in Milan,” the Argentine, who remains at the club, shared this week on his social networks. Telemundo news bulletin next to Nacho Lozano Until he was fired in the second week of April. “I learn Italian for two hours a day, on Saturday and Sunday, and I also have to take lessons.”

Also, walk around the streets of the Italian city with your pet Lilita Ocells. “I don't miss a minute,” Ussales shared, while showing off her dog in her arms and her comfy outfit with shorts. “Let's hope the temperature goes up, and if not, we'll go down [a Lelita a la calle] With shorts, no one knows me here!

Heat mix

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In fact, in addition to his adventures in Europe, Yossels also posts letters explaining that it is better to open new doors. He said on his social networks: “The day comes when you realize that you are on the right path because instead of getting angry and clinging, you thank the universe for removing people and experiences from your life that did not suit you.”

Instagram/Kiki Yucel

Maybe no one knows him in Italy, but in Miami, Ussales left a positive mark in the hearts of his teammates as Maria Celeste Ararras. “We did not hear how they left the most diligent, dedicated and best comrade. They were left without the person who got the exclusives. They were left without the person who struggled to provide the public with a premium product,” Ararras expressed publicly, after announcing to the news that Ussales had left the Telemundo network.

Instagram/Kiki Yucel

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“Dear Quique Ussales, The television screen does not define you. You are defined by your dedication, your search for excellence, and your commitment to providing the audience with an outstanding product. Those who close the door in front of you today do not know that they have just opened a window that radiates light. You may not know that either, but from Comes, comes… from time to time, my friend.

At the beginning of April, Ussales joined the list of talents fired from the Telemundo network. The Argentine wrote: “Goodbye Telemundo. To all of you, thank you very much for your love,” and he also thanked his work team.

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For its part, Telemundo issued a statement thanking Usales for his performance. “Kiki is an extremely talented professional. In recent years, he has risen to prominence in the entertainment sectors in numerous programs on Telemundo, which is a sign of his tremendous ability as a communicator. “We are extremely grateful for his invaluable contributions to the network and wish him much success in his future endeavors.”

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