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More voters than ever say they are concerned about Biden's mental health

More voters than ever say they are concerned about Biden’s mental health

new survey of Politico / Morning Consult He revealed that the margin between voters who think Joe Biden is “in good mental health” and those who disagree with him has moved from 21 percentage points to minus two.

46 percent of voters agreed he was in “good mental health” and 48 percent disagreed when the poll was held between November 13 and 15. An October 2020 poll showed that more voters supported Biden.

Up to 50 percent disagreed that he was “in good health” overall, which means there was a 29 percentage point change from October 2020, when voters agreed Biden was “in good health.” By a margin of 19 points, through November 2021.

“Sure, Biden is slow on a lot of things,” one participant reportedly said. “I’m not sure if it’s because of his age, or if it’s still going after 30 years.”

The results come several months into his presidency and days before his 79th birthday on Saturday. He is already the oldest president of the United States, and there is speculation about his candidacy for 2024, when he will be around 82 years old.

Although the debate over Biden’s physical and mental health has been a favorite of his 2020 opponent, Donald Trump, and commentators from the right, polls indicate that voters are hesitating on the issue.

It also comes amid declining approval ratings for Biden and key figures in his administration.

Last November, Americans thought the Democrat, 77, was no worse off than his Republican counterpart, 74, who was accused of falsifying a medical evaluation.

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Trump also boasted poorly of a basic cognitive test during an interview with Chris Wallace Fox NewsIt featured elephants, a camera, a woman, a man, and a television set.

Recently, Biden was accused of falling asleep, or closing his eyes, during the Cop26 session in Glasgow, Scotland, and was reprimanded for outreach to the American public.

Neil Newhouse, a Republican pollster, said Politico: “When you look at Biden, you feel that he lacks rhythm, that he is not what he used to be, [y] Voters get it.”

One respondent, out of nearly 2,000, responded to polls about his chances for 2024: “If he’s alive. Just say.”


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