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Educación abre una vía de acceso a Medicina con un suspenso en Bachillerato

How do you study medicine with failed subjects in the bachelor?

Pilar Allegria, Minister of Education and Vocational Training.

The Ministry of education This was announced on Wednesday Royal Decree that allow students Obtaining a baccalaureate degree without obtaining all approved subjects Thus to be able to appear to Selectividad with suspense. In this way, the government opens the door to Students with failed subjects can obtain degrees in health sciences, such as medicine, nursing, or pharmacy.

In the baccalaureate, teachers of each subject will decide, at the end of the course, If the student has achieved “the goals and reached the appropriate degree of acquiring the corresponding competencies”As the law explains, Published in the Official Gazette of the State (BOE). Thus, in order to obtain the title, it will be necessary to make a positive assessment in all subjects in the two baccalaureate courses.

However, it is expected that, exceptionally, the teaching staff may “decide for a bachelor’s degree by the student who… They have passed all subjects except one, provided that they are considered to have achieved the objectives and competencies associated with this title in a manner similar to the compensation procedures found in university education.”

Requirements for obtaining a Bachelor of Sedimentary Materials

Among other requirements, it is also proven that the student It did not result in a continuous absence It is not justified by the student in the matter or No Take the tests and carry out the activities necessary to evaluate itIncluding special calls.

Likewise, it will be required to be Arithmetic average of the scores obtained In all stage subjects it is equal to or greater than five. In this case, for the purpose of calculating the final grade of the stage, the numerical grade obtained in the unpassed subject will be considered.

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To increase the degree and reduce the repetition, Certain groups will be able to complete the baccalaureate in three years instead of the usual two. This possibility will be open to students who are simultaneously studying professional music education; For high-level or high-performance athletes; with special needs for educational support, or who claim other types of unique circumstances.

When will it be possible to enter the university with the subjects you failed in?

Implementation evaluation determines that these adjustments It will be implemented at the beginning of the year following the entry into force of the lawHowever, the gradual incorporation of the adjustments made to the curricula, organization and objectives of the different stages is postponed until the school year which begins a year later.

In any case, the royal decree confirms this Educational administrations guarantee “students’ right to objective evaluation.” Because their dedication, effort and performance are objectively appreciated and recognized”, for which appropriate procedures will be established, which, in any case, will take care of the characteristics of the evaluation at the respective stages in accordance with the current legislation.

Likewise, following this approach, the new law states that students who, upon completion of Compulsory secondary education (ESO) Having achieved the competencies and goals of the stage, they will receive the title of graduate of compulsory secondary education, in accordance with the decisions taken collectively by their teachers. Thus, among other things, the re-course is separated from the number of subjects that have failed, as has been the case so far, and this year the June remedial exams for ESO this year have been cancelled.

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