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Arturo Zaldívar, Mexican judge who declared his love for Taylor Swift: “It’s a waste of dreams with all the colors and sounds”

Arturo Zaldívar, Mexican judge who declared his love for Taylor Swift: “It’s a waste of dreams with all the colors and sounds”

Just four days ago, when Mexico was preparing to celebrate Father’s Day, the Minister of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation Arturo Zaldívar shared on the networks, becoming a kind of star, the gift that his wife had prepared for him. . A gorgeous cake in the shape of a vinyl record player is placed in the center: reputationby Taylor Swift. “Thank you so much Mariana for this beautiful and delicious cake. With my favorite song, great song and Taylor Swift.” And the thousand expressions of affection from the minister to the singer, which took place in recent weeks with more enthusiasm, sparked criticism and cheers among her fans and critics. The former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court responded with a letter explaining why he liked his songs.

It all started with the announcement that Swift would be extending her tour IRAS Tour To Mexico, with three dates at the end of August 2023. Before this novelty, which was announced at the beginning of this month, Zaldivar mentioned that he admires the singer in some videos and posts. He said he received his gift album or even commented on some of the songs when they came out. But with the news of the tour he started to do it more intensely. In a video from three weeks ago, he was seen working with his team when he found out the artist had announced the dates in Mexico. At first he is seen surprised by the news and then he is seen running around with his workers laughing.

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Zaldivar’s jokes and posts unleashed a chain reaction, many of them in the form of criticism. Some have already named it Swifty [como se les dice a los fanáticos de Swift] The most famous in Mexico. Others accuse him of exploiting the singer’s image to gain followers. Some more serious people have chastised him for taking his time on this subject when he had more important things to do. In response to all these comments, the minister published an opinion in the newspaper Millennium To defend his position and especially the work of the American singer.

“Those who criticize me because I admire Taylor Swift don’t know what she represents to millions of women and young men in the world,” she wrote on her Twitter account on Tuesday. In a speech representing an act of love, Zaldivar asserted that the singer “is a cry of rebellion, an example of intellectual honesty and a loss for dreams of all colors and sounds. His lyrics remind us that it’s okay to be vulnerable and different and to be wrong and to love yourself completely for its originality, courage and conformity.”

Zaldívar responded to those who accused him of being superficial: There is nothing frivolous about Swift’s work. “They ignore what their history means for women’s movements, for young people, for the rights of people of sexual diversity, and for building a more equal, compassionate and inclusive society,” the minister defended. These reasons, and others he develops in his column, are why he listens to Taylor Swift, he says. This Wednesday, the former Chief Justice posted the same message on social networks in its English version.

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The Mexican minister is not the only significant figure who has recognized the work of the artist, one of the biggest musical phenomena of the present time whose audience is mostly teenagers. The President of Chile, Gabriel Boric, is another acknowledged Swift supporter. The president confirmed this week that he had sent him a letter asking him to include the country in his Latin American tour. Even economist Paul Krugman published a column this week in New York times In which he acknowledges that the artist is “a very talented composer and musician with a wonderful stage presence.”

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