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Prince William's title upsets the British royal family

Prince William's title upsets the British royal family

Prince William assumes role of British Crown (Reuters/File) Reuters

Mike Tindall has spilled the beans. The husband of Zara Phillips, daughter of Princess Anne (at that time the second daughter of Elizabeth II and sister of King Charles III of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth) admitted during his participation in a podcast what title is held by those who know Prince William, heir to the throne in the British royal family.

By Diario AS

Seeing recent events, this may not have been the best time for his cousin's husband to highlight the intimate relations of the royal house, but there is no turning back: William of England is known as One Pint Willy.

What does this title mean? It can be interpreted as “Guille, a pint” or “Guille, one drink”, depending on the interpretation given. According to Tindall, who was a rugby player, the nickname was motivated by the fact that he does not drink. This means that one pint will be enough to make you feel a little worse. However, this nickname may also be due to the fact that, due to his obligations to the Crown, Prince William has to attend countless meetings with cocktails or where they have to make toasts.

“For me, the Prince of Wales is 'One Pint Willie' because he's not the best drinker. Coming from a sport that's very much about its social dimension and having a couple of beers on a frequent basis, that's certainly the case,” Tindall said on the Seven podcast. My nickname: One Pint Willy.

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