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Ednetta Nazario, India and Victor Manuel ask to vote for Maribelli

Ednetta Nazario, India and Victor Manuel ask to vote for Maribelli

Whether in sono, pop or reggaeton, support for “Hurricane Boricua” is sweeping throughout Puerto Rico, and wherever there are Puerto Rican communities.

The support of Puerto Rican popular music figures for Maribeli's participation in the reality television competition, “La Casa de los Famosos”, Edition 4 (Telemundo), was strongly felt this weekend, making it difficult to ignore every time. Well, if you watch social media, the expressions of support will appear there, and if you go to Joust entertainment events too, and go enjoy the city festival too!

the singer Victor Manuel He never missed a show – apparently in Chicago – and when he noticed a poster asking to vote for Maribelli, he unleashed his talent in the voice and thus asked his audience: “Look what it says over there, vote for Maribelli, make them feel happy, vote for Maribelli and I feel happy, it seems she She had a huge hit, “Celebrity House.” “I'm going to Puerto Rico, see how I'll tell him, and I'll tell Maribelly, she can count on me.”

Ednetta Nazario He was one of the music stars who publicly expressed his support for his native Ponce, as he shared during his performance at a concert in Barranquitas.

“I am a woman who likes to hold positions. I believe that in life one should take positions when he believes in something, and since I am a woman of positions,” the singer said before walking to one end of the stage, taking a sign and returning to the center to show what that is. “Team Maribelli. The crowd's reaction was an absolute sensation.”


Wow, this is incredible, the huge support Maripily has is impressive, and now Ednita Nazario is joining. I take advantage of this lovely post to remind you that as of 7pm there will be a full vote for Maripily. #lcdlf #teamamripily #teamtierra #TeamResistance #PuertoRico🇵🇷

♬ 10 Minutes of Silence – Kent Nazareth Yoga Man

India He did not lag behind the fever in favor of “Hurricane Boricua”, and in the same way, he declared that he is part of #TeamMaripily. He did it both on and off the podium.

“I sympathize with Maribeli, why, because a Puerto Rican woman cannot tolerate chaos in the house. She is clean, clean, like me and all Puerto Rican women. May God bless my Maribeli team until the end,” he said, according to videos circulating on TikTok.

Randy and Aniel RosarioThey also used microphones during their presentations to express their support for the previous television model, each in their own unique style.

Maribelli is one of seven nominees this week in the competition. The other six are: Lobelo, Paolo, Patricia, Cristina, Geraldine, and Aleska.

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