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Rob Schneider attends Luis Miguel's concert with his wife Patricia Maya and they share their experience

Rob Schneider attends Luis Miguel's concert with his wife Patricia Maya and they share their experience

comedian Rob Schneider He proved to be another music fan Luis Miguel,Join characters like Michel Bublé and Bruno Mars.

Recently, the star of the series “Son como niños” shared his experience of attending one of the concerts of the interpreter of “La Bikina”, accompanied by his Mexican wife. Patricia Maya.

Through his account

In a video posted titled “Good Night, My Friends,” Schneider showed the audience singing the song “La mediavuelta” and then focused on his partner, who seemed very inspired to sing. He also captured the moment when “El Sol” interacted with the audience from the stage.

The translator of the song “This Body is not me” also posted another clip in which Patricia dances to the tune of the song “Suave,” which prompted the actor to laugh and culminated in a romantic kiss.

Rob Schneider and his wife Patricia Maya at Luis Miguel's party in Arizona. Capture via social networks of the actor.

“How to make a Mexican woman very happy… Take her to Luis Miguel's concert,” the famous man wrote.

In the comments on the posts, they praised the couple's musical tastes and highlighted Rob's gesture towards Patricia. “You're having a good time Rob, good job”, “I love it! Your wife is so beautiful”, “With all due respect, you're married brother, congratulations, she's a lovely lady”, were some of these words of support.

Patricia Maya, a native of Yucatan, and Schneider have been together since 2005. She has maintained a close relationship with the artist's career and followed his projects. They married in 2011 and have two daughters: Madeleine and Miranda.

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In an interview with Jordi Rosado, Schneider mentioned that one of the things that impressed him most about Mexico was the tradition of families getting together on Sunday, without needing a reason to celebrate. “When I went to Mexico for the first time, I came on a Sunday, and that day is very important for the whole family. It's beautiful. I said, 'I want that.'”

Patricia Maya often shares videos on social media showing her husband enjoying Mexican food, such as cochinita pibil tacos, a typical Yucatan dish and Schneider's favorite, as well as salsa verde tamales.

The 36-year-old praises her husband's Spanish pronunciation and proves she can eat spicy food without a problem, even habanero.

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