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Jo Jo will enter the House of Celebrity |  the television

Jo Jo will enter the House of Celebrity | the television

Jose Antonio Garcia Rivera, known as Joe JoeHe will enter La Casa de los Famosos today, Monday, surprising his mother, Maribelly Rivera, who entered the “reality show” last January.

This was confirmed by the program’s presenters, Jimena Gallego and Nacho Lozano, at a time when the Puerto Rican saved the audience’s favor for the sixth time yesterday, Monday.

Earlier, the newspaper “La Jiva” predicted that the Puerto Rican businesswoman and Lupillo Rivera would receive a surprise today that “will leave them open-mouthed.”

The highest authority in the “reality program” revealed through the Tonight, Lupillo and Maribelli will have a surprise that will leave them speechless.

Throughout the entire competition, Maribelli is clear that the “love of her life” is Jo Jo and that she misses him.


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At the moment, there are still ten residents in the competition: Maribeli Rivera, Rodrigo Rome, Lupillo Rivera, Alana Letras, La Milaza, Aleska Genesis, Geraldine Bazan, Paulo Quevedo, Cristina Porta and Patricia Corsino.

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Cristian Estrada, Leslie Gallardo, Fernando Lozada, Mariana Gonzalez, Sophie Durand, “La Pepecheta”, Ruby Moura, Guti Carrera, Alfredo Adam, La Bronca, Cerath, Ariadna Gutierrez and Clovis Nino were excluded because they did not receive a majority of votes. From the public. While Thale Garcia was disqualified for leaving the show, Gregorio Pernia and La Divasa reached an agreement with production to leave the house and Carlos Gomez was fired for assault.

Today, Tuesday, the LCDLF program will be broadcast during a special time at 11:30 p.m

The reality show's final is scheduled to take place on May 20.