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This is the Disney World restaurant that received its first Michelin star

This is the Disney World restaurant that received its first Michelin star

A restaurant inside Disney World has become the first in the theme park to receive a Michelin star, highlighting contemporary fine dining. (ABC)

The restaurant Victoria and Albertlocated within Grand Floridian Resort to Disney world in orlando floridaHe won his first award Michelin starTo become the first institution within the tourism complex to receive this prestigious recognition. This achievement is highlighted within the edition 2024 from the Michelin Guide to Miami, Orlando and Tampawhich included Florida As a nerve center for high-quality gastronomy at national and international level.

This establishment is known for offering a unique three-hour culinary experience in an intimate and elegant environment. Designed to evoke the feeling of a slow waltzaccording to the description he provided Michelin guide. Chef Matthew Sawyers He leads the restaurant's culinary team, serving contemporary dishes that incorporate influences from around the world, including pancakes with New Zealand prawns and innovative sandwiches with venison carpaccio and red cabbage, according to Michelin guide.

Victoria and Albert inside Disney World earns its first Michelin star. (EFE/Kent Phillips/Disney)

Besides the Michelin starThe restaurant has been honored on multiple occasions for its culinary excellence and service. Since 2000, she has received the award AAA Five Diamond Since 2018, I have obtained… Forbes five-star travel guideIn addition to receiving a medal Wine spectator of the highest distinction. All these awards underscore the restaurant's commitment to quality and innovation in the art of cooking, according to him Forbes.

the Michelin guidein its announcement of award-winning restaurants in FloridaHe highlighted the significant growth the state's culinary scene has seen since the mentor's arrival in 1999 2022. Gwendal BoulinecInternational Director of Michelin guidesHe pointed to the dynamism and consolidation of the local gastronomic sector Florida As an attractive destination for tourists interested in fine cuisine. In addition, this year the guide presented for the first time restaurants with Green starhighlighting the commitment of some establishments to sustainable gastronomy, according to Forbes.

Disney World is celebrating an unprecedented culinary achievement with the inclusion of Victoria & Albert's Restaurant, located at the Grand Floridian Resort, on the Michelin Star List. (AP Photo/Ted Shaffery, File)

The difficulty of obtaining a reservation at the establishment was no secret, given the limited seating and high demand to try its tasting menu. A formal or semi-formal dress code and a policy that welcomes children over 10 years of age sets a framework to ensure that A unique dining experience for all restaurant patrons. The cost of a fixed meal starts from US$295 per guest, with wine and non-alcoholic beverage options available at an additional cost, depending Forbes.

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This recognition before Michelin guide Not only represents a milestone for Disney worldBut it also highlights the level of innovation and quality that can be found within theme parks, challenging the traditional perception of food in these environments. The inclusion of Victoria & Albert's in this selection of starred restaurants reinforces Florida's image as a must-see destination for foodies around the world.