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Shannon De Lima sets the trend with knit swimwear

Shannon De Lima sets the trend with knit swimwear

One of the hottest models in Latin America who has been living in Miami for several years Shannon Lima. From a young age, she was interested in the world of modeling and business, where she performed for the most prestigious brands in the world. In turn, she is famous for being the ex-wife of Mark Anthony They have a long history with celebrities in love affairs. To show that she is one of the most beautiful women ever, she wore a knitted swimsuit that showed off her impressive curves.

Shannon Lima She was born in Venezuela, but moved to our country at a young age to pursue her career in the world of modeling. He had a couple of college degrees in Social Communication and Interior Design, but never pursued them since he became interested in fashion. She even participated in several beauty contests which allowed her to earn a name in the environment.

But the most striking thing in life Shannon Lima It is the history of her love and being a wife Mark AnthonyAfter his divorce from Jennifer Lopez. The couple married in 2014, but separated in 2017 due to their professional lives, which prevented them from being together. In addition, she had a large sum of money and an apartment in New York left.

On his Instagram account, where he has more than two million followers, Shannon Lima She was responsible for showing why she is one of the most beautiful women of all time, and for this reason, the ex-wife of Marc Anthony decided to wear the knitted swimsuit in which she was photographed from the balcony and showed off her majestic curves, especially her body. Front part. .

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It’s not the only time Shannon Lima She caught everyone’s attention, and the 35-year-old Venezuelan model knows very well what men want, which is why she wore another swimsuit whose curves stole the spotlight, especially her cleavage and buttocks.