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“La Pepecheta” accuses Lupillo Rivera of witchcraft

“La Pepecheta” accuses Lupillo Rivera of witchcraft

Mexico. Although the program has already ended “House of the Famous 4”Dark secrets continue to be revealed.

On this occasion it was Daniela Alexis for the movie “La Pepecheta”who pointed this out Lobello He resorted to stinky magic. The “influencer” who lived with Rivera on the famous “Reality” show, was not shy about pointing out that “Toro del Corrido” is a bad person, not only because of the strategies he used in the television space.

“Pipishita” recalled that while he was inside the house, Jenni Rivera’s brother was the one in charge of showing him an oil that “gives him luck.” On various occasions, he would spread the liquid on himself and say a few words. In this way, rumors began among the population that this was some kind of “magic”, because the singer had a series of leadership victories or salvation challenges.

“One day he left it on the table and wanted to steal it from me (…), but he realized that he had forgotten his oil there, and then he grabbed it. But I could smell it, it smelled like mustard, like vinegar, terrible. Aha, for magic,” Daniela revealed.

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“Pipishita” also highlighted that she is happy that Lobelo did not win.

“Lupillo was bad,” he stressed.