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Kimberly Dos Ramos asks not to speculate on Elizabeth Gutierrez and William Levy

Kimberly Dos Ramos asks not to speculate on Elizabeth Gutierrez and William Levy

Final separation Elizabeth Gutierrez And William Levi She was involved in a series of scandals that increased the controversy that her relationship had caused in the past, due to the betrayals of the heroine of the series. Monte Cristo. In view of this, Kimberly Dos Ramoswho shared credits with both when he worked on the series come back to meHe sends his support and asks that there be no speculation about the situation they are in.

“Being a public figure is not easy, letting people know about our relationships [sentimentales] it is very difficult. We put ourselves in their shoes [Elizabeth Gutiérrez y William Levy] “It's important and more so because there's a lot of speculation, a lot of talking, but they have the reality, and they're the ones living that relationship, so the important thing here is not to speculate too much, not to talk too much” and even more so when there are children involved. “The important thing is that they are happy and that this situation can be clarified, leaving them a little in the process, which is theirs,” Dos Ramos warned MezcalTV.

The famous woman has great affection for Gutierrez and Levy. Therefore, he wants to respect the privacy of both of them and their decisions in this separation process. “Yes, it is a difficult process,” he stressed. “In addition to the fact that I love them very much, both Elizabeth and William, the truth is something I cannot give an opinion on because at the end of the day it is not my life, and it is not my relationship.” “Sending you a big kiss, and many blessings,” he stressed. I hope the best happens to you, I love you so much.”

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Elizabeth Gutierrez, William Levy, and Kimberly Dos Ramos.

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Kimberly Dos Santos prefers to be discreet in the situation that Elizabeth Gutierrez and William Levy are going through. For his part, he celebrated the successful completion of the melodrama recordings. Live on loveIn which she starred and whose character Angeli had her leave the bad guys behind.