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Beyonce shows off her natural hair

Beyonce shows off her natural hair

Beyonce He surprised his fans with an intimate video in which he revealed his personality Hair routine And show him natural hair In all its glory. The “Renaissance” singer took the opportunity to talk about the importance of this Self-expression Through poetry and Moisturizing As a key to healthy hair.

A look at Beyoncé's hair routine

In the video that she posted on her famous Instagram account, we see Beyoncé washing her hair, drying it, straightening it, and finally curling it to obtain a thick, bouncy hairstyle. The singer uses products from her own hair care brand, Cécred, which she shares some of Beauty secrets.

Beyoncé AG

wife Jay Z She also reflects on the importance of self-expression through poetry. The singer defends the right of black women to style their hair as they please, whether it is natural, straight, braided, with extensions or wigs.


“For me, joy comes from prioritizing myself and my hair. It's so important that I make time for the sacred rituals of self-care.”

Additionally, Beyoncé highlights the importance of moisturizing to maintain healthy hair. The singer recommends adding oil to the scalp and covering it at night so that the oils can penetrate.

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Feedback on social networks

The video generated great expectations on social media, with fans praising the singer's sincerity and authenticity. Some even defended Beyoncé from previous criticism for wearing wigs, arguing that her mother, Tina Knowlesis a licensed esthetician with extensive experience in the field of hair care.

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