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They claim that William Levy found Elizabeth Gutierrez with a famous radio broadcaster

They claim that William Levy found Elizabeth Gutierrez with a famous radio broadcaster

The relationship between William Levy and Elizabeth Gutierrez He remains at the heart of the scandal. After announcing their separation a few weeks ago, the Cuban actor's alleged infidelities, family conflicts and police reports of domestic quarrels came to light.

There is no doubt that these events proved that The separation between Elizabeth and William Levy was anything but amicable. He revealed his relationship struggles which unfortunately affected the family dynamic. While William lives with his son, Elizabeth Gutierrez moves into an apartment with her daughter.

As if that wasn't enough, a video of the March 2, 2024 incident was leaked to the media last week, showing Miami police arriving at the home of William Levy and Elizabeth, and asking authorities to remove an alleged woman who would be in the house. Actor's house.

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Javier Sirianni says William found Elizabeth Gutierrez with another woman

Moreover, “Gossip no like” announced that after William's alleged infidelities with Elizabeth Gutierrez, he made her ill. However, Elizabeth has not yet made any statement in this regard.

The driver also claimed that William found Elizabeth Gutierrez with a radio announcer. Javier Sirianni stated that a source close to the couple revealed to him that Elizabeth Gutierrez had accepted that William Levy would bring in other women; According to Sirianni, she was so in love that she accepted this agreement into their relationship dynamic. Although, when William found Elizabeth with a woman, and this could have been the breaking point that would lead to a lack of trust and a worsening relationship crisis. Which ultimately led to their separation, according to Javier.

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“It's a bombshell. It's supposed and assumed that William entered the house he was living in with Elizabeth and was going to find his wife with a famous radio announcer, one of the most powerful broadcasters in Miami.

This could have been the reason why it all ended. “The only thing I will say is that the radio host is very famous, very attractive, very blonde and her name starts with an R,” Sirianni said, of this woman with whom William supposedly found his wife in more than just conversation. .

Netizens suspect a radio presenter, who is Elizabeth Gutierrez's boyfriend

On social networks, Internet users reacted and tried to guess, based on the characteristics mentioned by Sirianni, that it could refer to Roxana García, the voice of the radio program “Tardes Calientes”. Elizabeth and Roxana have a great friendship, which Elizabeth shared on her social networks.

It should be noted that Sirianni never revealed the woman's name, so it is unknown which speaker he was actually referring to. So far, Elizabeth Gutierrez has not commented on this information released by the program I don't like gossip.

Elizabeth Gutierrez laughs with Roxana Garcia / Instagram: @gutierrezelizabeth

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