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America has the most dangerous and advanced nuclear submarine in the world

America has the most dangerous and advanced nuclear submarine in the world


The United States is moving forward with the development of a new nuclear-powered super-submarine, a key component of its nuclear deterrent triad, which also includes future Sentinel intercontinental ballistic missiles and B-21 Raider stealth bombers.

By Republic

The first images of the Columbia-class submarine reveal an unusually austere design that includes asymmetric stabilizers arranged in an X-shape.

This innovative feature is designed to provide greater stability, maneuverability and quietness compared to current Ohio-class submarines, thereby significantly enhancing the submarine's operational capabilities in critical missions.

Origin of the Columbia Class

The Columbia-class submarines represent the largest and most advanced generation of undersea vehicles built by the United States, specifically designed to launch ballistic missiles (SSBN). These submarines surpass their Ohio class predecessors in technical and operational capabilities.

The first of twelve submarines in the series, named the District of Columbia, which will give its name to the entire class, began construction in 2020. 2031.


The Columbia class submarines are 170.6 meters long and over 13 meters wide. Each of these submarines is equipped with 16 intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) tubes, including UGM-133 Trident II D5LE missiles. Later, these missiles will be replaced by a new version of D5LE2 nuclear missiles.

Unrivaled maneuverability

In the Columbia class configuration, the aft planes are not only responsible for pitch control but also contribute to yaw maneuvering. This design facilitates more precise and agile movements.

Four X-shaped stern planes work synergistically to control the submarine's maneuvers, resulting in greater precision and smoothness during maneuvers. According to General Dynamics, the X-shaped stern configuration, called the “X-Stern,” reduces the risk of accidental dives and allows for high speeds at low depths.

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