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Why is Mary Mendes no longer appearing on "La Red"?

Why is Mary Mendes no longer appearing on “La Red”?

One of the presenters who usually appears on the channel’s weekend programs snail She is Marie Mendes, and she is known for her unique tone of voice and the way she expresses and tells entertainment news.

however, For a while, Samaria was not on the set and Shirley Gomez appeared as a replacement. As a result, rumors began to surface that Mendes would not be in the “La Red” team again, and social networks were filled with all kinds of accusations.

In the latest broadcast of the entertainment program, The speculation has come to an end It became known that the presenter was on vacation and therefore did not appear on the weekend. however, For many, these statements were not enough, and in order to avoid any misunderstanding, Mary appeared on social networks.

A businesswoman at an organic food company also spoke out via Instagram stories, addressing the issue of her absence on La Red, a program she’s been hosting for years.

Sitting inside her car, Mendes explained everything and her words were: “My beautiful darling, why are you ‘Empelicoladas’? I will not leave “The Network”.

Samaria explained that she was not on set because she had accumulated the holidays for years, and she also admitted that She was aware of the comments of her followers who wrote that they would not watch the show again if she did not appear.

Together, Mendes shared the news of his return to television screens; He explained that next Saturday, July 23 and Sunday, July 24, he will return to work with his colleagues.

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In addition to, The woman who loves fitness sent a message to netizens: “This weekend I’m going back to La Red, guys, but don’t be too stubborn either.”

“I was in a place, they told me: Don’t you work at La Red anymore? And I, oh my gosh, went away for the weekend, so ‘chill out’. This weekend we’re back with everything,” the blonde-haired celebrity explained.

“Thanks. What a cute, for all this love and affection, but don’t be ‘Zeina’.”

Next, compile Mary Mendes’ statements as she explains her absence on “La red” and what will happen on the upcoming broadcast:

Talk about his twin sister and confusion with a picture

Several days ago the presenter of the program had to clarify various things such as rumors as if she was a man before, but now the photo she posted with her sister has caused a lot of confusion.

On the postcard you can see Mendez She poses with her older sister Romy and Annie, who is actually her twin sister.

Not many of Mendez’s followers knew that the presenter had a twin sister and that her true resemblance in the photo caused a lot of confusion among her followers.

“Whichever Marie Mendez”, “The other monkey looks more like you than you!” , “Which one is Mary?” , “And whichever Marie…they are the same”were some of the comments made to the presenter in the photo.

And such was the confusion that the photo caused, that the announcer herself commented on her photo to clarify the doubts of her followers. She commented, “The one in white,” and she sees that she looks like she’s dressed in white in the middle of her sister sitting.

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