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Emotional reunion in 'The Office': John Krasinski and Steve Carell meet again in a new movie

Emotional reunion in 'The Office': John Krasinski and Steve Carell meet again in a new movie

'The Office' actors who played Jim Halpert and Michael Scott reunited for an emotional video to make their new film

John Krasinski And Steve Carellknown for their roles as Jim Halpert and Michael Scott in the deskcame together to create the film Imaginary friends (if.), under the direction of Krasinski. The project marks a humorous reunion between the two actors, who shared success on the NBC series from 2005 until Carell's departure in 2011.

in Behind the scenes videothe couple is shown joking before the recording begins, highlighting the chemistry and friendship that has defined them over the years after sharing the same group for more than a decade, which led to the change in their lives.

John Krasinski and Steve Carell reunite in the new movie “Imaginary Friends,” marking a reunion after their time on “The Office.” (Source: YouTube/Universal Pictures)

“Steve Carell plays Blue and he's a dear friend,” Krasinski, 44, reveals of his former co-star. “In reality We're working together on this little thing “A long time ago,” the actor and director adds jokingly about the global success of the TV fantasy she developed Greg Daniels.

When Carell, 61, entered the recording studio, they hugged each other and said: “It's good to see you.”. Afterward, Krasinski adds, “I was telling these guys — Has it been years?“Years,” Steve replied, before jokingly shrugging his shoulders at the cameras. “I'm glad we got it. “This is very intimate,” he adds.

John Krasinski expresses his happiness at working with Steve Carell again, emphasizing the friendship and talent they share. (Credits: NBC)

The promotional video continues with another joke from John indicating that the moment they hug is the fifth shot they take to record their reunion, so Carell does the same action again, but in a more exaggerated way.

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The film is expected to be released in cinemas on May 17 in the United States and May 15 in Mexico—, The film revolves around a fictional character named Blue, played by Carell, who plays the fictional friend of the protagonist, Bea, played by Kylie Fleming.

In Imaginary Friends, Steve Carell plays a fictional character named Blue, who is the girlfriend of the protagonist Bea, played by Cailee Fleming. (Source: Universal Pictures)

This character is introduced at a difficult time for Bea, providing a humorous and sweet style to the narrative. Krasinski, in his dual role as director and part of the crew, expressed his excitement to work with Carell again, emphasizing the talent and friendship that unites them.

The film is being promoted as a comedy that also features talent Ryan Reynolds, John Stewart, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Emily Blunt, Matt Damon, Maya Rudolph, Sam Rockwell, Christopher Meloni, Richard Jenkins, Awkwafina And Louis Gossett Jr.

“Imaginary Friends” features an all-star cast including Ryan Reynolds, Jon Stewart, Emily Blunt, and more. (Source: Universal Pictures)

Promote to Imaginary friends He wasn't slow to exploit Carell and Krasinski's reunion to stir up nostalgia the desk, and even recreate iconic moments from the series to capture fans' attention. One of the promotional videos includes a parody in which Ryan Reynolds and Randall Park engage in a humorous sketch, a reference to a joke from the series.

In fact, the beginning of a new production concerns the deskConfirming that the project is not only moving forward, but that he has also chosen two of its main characters. This new series, which is currently in development, is directed by Greg Danielsone of the original creators of the show.

Sabrina Impacciatore and Domhnall Gleeson will star in the new spin-off series “The Office,” currently in production by Universal Television. (Credits: HBO)

On this project, Daniels is working with screenwriter Michael Koman. Unlike the reboot, this upcoming series serves as a continuation of the American version. According to reports from Hollywood Reporter, Sabrina Impacciatoreknown for her role in White lotusAnd Domhnall Gleesonl BeingHe will play leading roles in this new production. Global TVsupported by an experienced creative team, will produce this project.

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