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Why do we take luxury so seriously in companies? Press -HR

The Mental health care In companies it depends mainly on a complex mechanism of decisions that are made at the individual level, by each employee, and at the corporate level, by the company as an organization.

This means that the psychological well-being of the employee depends in part on himself individual self-care decisionsbut also Decisions made by your company in this regard And the context in which they both exist.

Therefore, both have the ability to influence, to some extent, the habits and processes they have initiated that lead to an acceptable degree of well-being for the employee and progress for the company.

The important thing is to know how to determine this margin for each employee and for each organization and make the best use of it.

related to corporate levelin ifel We understand that a company cannot take full responsibility for the quality of life and health of each employee, but can decide in a strategic and structured way whether to implement actions aimed at preventing the impact of key psychosocial risk factors that are presented to it. your template, for example, through a file A complete care service for emotional well-being.

it is clear that There is no real separation between life outside work and life inside work. It is true that in order to create a certain system, we can separate the aspects in a relative way and, thus, avoid interference: it would not be professional to allow the non-desktop aspects to harm the daily schedule of tasks, but it would not be the case. You must be a professional to allow career matters to subtract energy from a person’s other responsibilities.

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However, it is clear that if we are doing well “like people”In other words, when we are away from work, it necessarily has an impact on our professional performance.

Following this logic, if we work for a company that cares about making life easier for us and creating a suitable work environment, stimulating professional development and, ultimately, an enjoyable day-to-day professional life, We will transfer those good vibrations to our spare time.

Fortunately for many organizations, both those responsible for the care of human capital and each of the individuals who make up said capital decide to operate, to the best of their abilities, in a way that is healthy and sustainable in the long term.

For this sustainability to be possible, it is customary to start Business coaching. However, mental health care must be part of the corporate culture of these companies. Also responsible for professional psychologists And at the same level of importance as which of the values ​​you best define as an organization.

It is about taking into account the impact of every corporate decision on people’s well-being, while taking a preventative approach and genuine care for employees.

Why do we take care of mental health in companies?

When the employees of an organization benefit from a specific healthcare strategy designed by expert psychologists, a healthier work environment and methodology is created, which improves team cohesion and Work motive It prevents unwanted phenomena such as Overwork.

The Work efficiency It does not come from nothing, but precisely from cooperating with agility and generosity, realizing that tasks have a purpose, establishing trusting relationships with the team, and interpreting this work as contributing to well-being rather than harming it.

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Thanks to the standardization of these processes, human resource managers get Good results in the prevention strategy of psychosocial riskswhich would later become translatable at the ROI level due to reduced absenteeism and sick leave due to mental health issues, not to mention the improvement in performance.

To explain it briefly, it is used Welfare service in the workplace has enormous advantages on three levels: the employee himself, the team and the company.

First of all, the employee benefits They are the people who have to deal strictly with your inner world, consisting of your belief system, your self-esteem, your mood, the quality of your relationships, the management of anxiety and stress, the awareness of self-efficacy, commitment to the company, exploration of personal development goals – professional and referred to other aspects -, etc.

secondly , Advantages to the team They emerge through a mixture of the particular psychological experiences of the various members of the working group. The more people in high emotional well-being, the more available and open they are with their co-workers. Therefore, we refer to two institutional aspects that are of great importance to the company’s success: a favorable work environment and team cohesion, which always leads to better performance.

Finally, we must bear in mind Advantages for the company As a whole. These can take the form of improved performance, cost savings attributable to absenteeism and sick leave due to mental health issues, talent retention thanks to an appropriate attraction and development strategy, and a good internal and external reputation.

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Therefore, it is clear that the benefits of a properly designed investment in taking care of the psychological well-being of employees far outweigh the costs that may be involved. It remains only for employees, and in this case, companies, to decide to fully participate in their scope of work.

Rafael Saint-Roman, Psychologist and Head of Content and PR at Eiffel

Rafael San Roman