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Opening of the 49th District Education and Science Fair: 285 research papers will be presented

Opening of the 49th District Education and Science Fair: 285 research papers will be presented

The Minister of Education of the Province of Buenos Aires Alberto Cilione, topped up The opening of the 49th Provincial Education, Arts, Science and Technology Exhibition Which will take place over three days in the facilities of CEF No. 1. He was accompanied by Senator for the province Pablo Obeid and advisors from the Todos Front.

In the exhibition launched this Tuesday in Mar del Plata, a total of 285 research papers of various levels and modalities will be presented, as well as 17 teams of robotics who will take part in the competitions “Sumo”, “Carrera de Speed” and “Thinkless”.

For example in Mar del Plata, 1,300 boys, girls, adolescents, youth and teachers of all levels and modalities participated.
Senator Obeid stressed with the minister “the importance of visualizing all the work that is carried out during the year in public schools in the province of Buenos Aires that work a lot and that is reflected in the number of projects that are presented and that 44 of them, they will go to the national courts.”

Meanwhile, the Minister appreciated “the work of teachers, male and female teachers, who, with a return to face-to-face confrontation and everything that the pandemic represents, restore the educational habits that have always been fundamental to the growth of students. What we see here today, in Mar del Plata, is a clear example of a place where Education occupies him in our province, because beautiful things happen in schools and those beautiful things must also be shown.

The exhibitions constitute meeting spaces, where the socialization of research projects developed by students of all levels and modalities in class with their teachers is encouraged.
In 2022, regional and regional fairs for education, arts, science and technology have collected 5,900 projects submitted, with participation of 110,000 students and more than 10,000 teachers across the province.

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In addition to Minister Cilioni and Senator Pablo Obeid, Regional Director of Secondary Education at the General Directorate of Culture and Education, Claudia Bracchi; Director of Social Educational Programs for Buenos Aires Province Natalia Braganolo; HCD Education Committee Chair Mariana Cuesta and Regional and Regional Inspectors.

Among the 285 research papers you will attend, the composition is as follows:
Initial level: 33 projects
Elementary level: 80 projects
Secondary level: 150 projects
Level up: 22 projects

Distributed in the following ways:

Special Education: 21 projects.
Community Psychology and Social Education: 9 projects.
Physical education: two projects.
Art education: one project.
Education of youth, adults and the elderly: 10 projects
Vocational technical education: 54 projects.
Agricultural education: 13 projects
Rural education: 4 projects.
Education in the context of lockdown: 4 projects