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Present traditional medicine and natural makeup at the 2022 León Fair - Evening News

Present traditional medicine and natural makeup at the 2022 León Fair – Evening News

Chalchiuhyolol is a brand dedicated to natural cosmetics and a bit of traditional medicine, which presents in this edition of the fair nearly 60 different products, including a range of cannabis products.

Elsa Jimenez is a young entrepreneur who decided to enter the field of natural cosmetics and traditional medicine, because her grandfather and great-grandfather had been collecting medicinal plants from a young age, so she decided to devote herself also to herbal treatment.

Our product is more focused on being more friendly with us and the environment, we try to use the most organic raw materials, we try to make something more ecological, more friendly with our bodies and with the environment.Elsa mentioned.

In its booth you can find everything from soaps, shampoos, body creams, face creams and a series of hemp-derived products, all made in a very natural way, which act as an alternative to medicine, as they are extracted directly from plants that are usually harmless to health.

Gel treatment, ideal for muscle pain, arthritis and rheumatism. I have cannabidiol extract to relieve problems such as arthritis or fibromyalgia, it also works as a neuroreceptor, stops epileptic seizures and Parkinson’s attacks, it also acts as anxiolytic and antidepressant‘,” Elsa mentions while presenting both products.

It is worth noting that all the materials are paraben-free, which means that they do not contain any chemicals.

The soap is made with coconut oil, grape seed oil, and olive oil, and this is our base for all soaps. I have a lot of tension and relaxation, there is also soap for acne problems, for orange peel, hair loss, and a series of specific soaps to treat any type of alopecia, skin allergies“, he added.

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About the name of the brand, its creator comments that everything arose after she got this name in the moon dance, that in addition to making and selling these cosmetic and medical products, Elsa is also a Mexican dancer.

It was a name for me, they did a party, and they gave you the four directions, this name was given to me by a grandmother from Mexico City, a very wise grandmother and a very recognized walk within Mexico, so I decided to put it that way my brand name is Chalchuiyolotl that means jade heart in Nahuatl. For me it’s a very representative thing that goes hand in hand with dance and traditional medicine, well, everything I walked inside MexicayotlElsa mentioned.

One of the novelties brought by Feria de León, Chalchuiyolotl is the line of products derived from hemp, its creator assures that this is a highly medicinal plant, but has been demonized for several generations.

Right now this plant is Boom all over the world and it’s also great here in Mexico that it’s been legalized medicinally because it’s time, it’s been demonized for generations, it’s also like giving this respect and that power a plant“, he added.

It is worth noting that several studies indicated that cannabidiol obtained from cannabis works to treat epilepsy, arthritis, rheumatism, sclerosis and fibromyalgia, providing a better quality of life for consumers.

Cannabis completely supplies all anesthetics, all anti-inflammatories, without having side effects, and this is the purpose of cannabis useElsa is finished.