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Tri Sub-23 faces Honduras in the Central American Championship semi-finals

Tri Sub-23 faces Honduras in the Central American Championship semi-finals

despite of Mexico He is the contender to win at Central American and Caribbean GamesEl Tri will face a tough test against him Honduras in a game Semi-finals of the continental championship, where Under-23 team It was proposed to get the gold medal and return to the first planes.

Those led by Gerardo Espinosa suffered in Match against El SalvadorBut they are ready for it extricate yourself with the hubby And with themselves in the match, which will be played against Alarachos at the National Stadium of Las Delicias, according to Aztec defender Oscar Villa.

“Like all (the games), as was the case with the Dominican Republic, as was the case with El Salvador, I think in these cases Mexico The challenger was to beat himSo we see it as complicated as the competitors we’ve faced, but we’re a group with great players and Let’s go for everything“.

he Rank see with four points after winning to Republic Dominicanto 2-0 and we have a long game against him savior 1-1. However, the Aztec players know this is it an opportunity unique Displays for him Qualitybecause it is the only official tournament in the under-23 category after failing to obtain an entry permit for the Olympic Games in Paris 2024.

“We know that for those in this category Under 23 years old This is one of A few of our official tournamentsAnd since we got here in El Salvador, the goal is the gold medal,” Villa added.

Central American triathlon finals

In the history of jgames Central AmericaTriple won Six gold medals Out of the 12 finals he has reached, he is therefore seeking to tip the balance positively in this edition of El Salvador.

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in 2014in VeracruzHe was The last time I won goldThen in 2018 the team failed in the Barranquilla edition by staying in the group stage and is now seeking to return to the podium with the under-23 team, although they will first have to beat Honduras for a medal, the defense explained. Miguel Gomez.

“I think that All competitors have a difficulty levelThey all have their factors, and one of them is recovery. I think that details We are Importantfrom this moment on they play an important role and that’s what we focus on.”

How do you see the Mexico match. Honduras at JCC?

  • date: Tuesday 4 July
  • hour: 4:00 PM (Central Mexico)
  • moving in: Clarus Sports (Youtube) | Minute by minute half the time