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Central America: Mexico, to collect a medal in men’s soccer

Central America: Mexico, to collect a medal in men’s soccer

ESPNJuly 4, 2023, 5:21 p.m. ETReading: two minutes.

Gerardo Espinosa’s side are seeking their place in the final of the tournament, but first they must beat Honduras

the actor Sub23 for the Mexican National Team In the Central American and Caribbean Games 2023 He wants to get a medal on Tuesday when he meets his counterpart Depths in the first football semi-final in the men’s branch and, in this way, prepare for the match against the opponent who will come out of the confrontation between Costa Rica and the host: El Salvador.

The team led by Gerardo Espinosa advanced to the front of the final as group A leader with setbacks. Since then, against the Dominican Republic, they made their debut with a 2-0 victory thanks to goals from Jesús Alejandro Gomez and Fidel Ambriz, but in the second match, against El Salvador, they came from behind to salvage a draw. Thanks to the result of the “European” Jordan Carrillo which put them at the top of their sector.

now before HondurasThey want to dispel doubts and, incidentally, ensure they are on the podium Central American and Caribbean Games 2023in addition to continuing to search for a gold medal that would provide more peace of mind for the draft youth teams.

Below we show the events of the 2023 Central American and Caribbean Games conflict between the Mexicans and the Catracos:

– In the 75th minute, Diego Campello faced an opponent who was heading towards the area and saw the red card, because of which he will miss the next match, which everything seems to indicate will be for the gold medal next Thursday

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– Jesús Alejandro Gomez, 64, pushed the ball past a powerful shot from Rodrigo Lopez that the Honduran goalkeeper could not contain and made it 3-0 that seemed decisive for the club. Tree Sab 23.

Mexico They came out of the second half with a comfortable score of 2-0 thanks to the captions of Rodrigo Lopez and Itson Ion, with only 45 minutes separating them from the final of the tournament. Central American and Caribbean Games 2023.

– At the age of 45, Itsun Ion made it 2-0 in electronics with another gift from Honduras when an opponent gave him the ball from the Mexican, who calmly scored with his left foot, thus leading Gerardo Espinosa’s side to the final.

– in the 18th minute, Mexico He managed to open the scoring through Rodrigo López who shot from outside the area with his right foot, the Honduran goalkeeper attacked the ball poorly and went into the net to open the scoring.