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Summary of the Galaxy match against LAFC (2-1).  Objectives

Summary of the Galaxy match against LAFC (2-1). Objectives

Big goals, sweeps and even attempts to fight back She was part of an emotional derby between Los Angeles FC and Los Angeles Galaxythe team that finally got the a 2-1 win in the Rose Bowl, Where there were more than 82 thousand people To see this wonderful duel.

Carlos candle He showed his efficiency with passes, tackles and even a disallowed goal in the 83rd minute and Giorgio Chiellini continues to show his quality in defencealthough it was not enough before the royal army attacked Los Angeles Galaxy, that he had in people like Riqui Puig Winning keys.

Galaxy goal one

He was running 26 minutes when Boyd received the ball in the areaalmost in the corner and, facing a loose mark, turned and sent a shot to the second post, almost in the corner, Too far from the Los Angeles Galaxy goalkeeper 1-0.

It was a quieter goal for Villa, who almost scored the second goal, however Chiellini dodged a great goal from Edwards When he swept the zone, after the Canadian took possession of the ball in three quarters of the field and left the opponents in the way.

Carlos Villa’s performance

was then became LAFC had to wake upfirst with a pass from Carlos candle to Dennis Bwangawho attempted a great shot, saved it Goalkeeper Associationwho left the exchange due to injury.

This pair appeared again in the 56th minute with A.J Bouanga headed a pass from Mexico VillaBut this time the goalkeeper Jonathan Klinsmann abbreviation.

However, the equalizing goal came, but from a corner kick. Tillman It was he who took a cross from the first pillar, Eli Sanchez finished with a header on goal And Klinsmann could do nothing: 1-1.

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The amazing goal of Richard Puig

Aim for the green light for Los Angeles Galaxy He came up with a perfect counterattack: first Douglas Coast Throw the ball into space boyd, who reached to take the ball and drive a few yards, before releasing the center to Riqui Puig, who sweeps the ball and scores: Final 2-1.

And the Spaniard’s celebration will remain in memory, who took his shirt and indicated his number to the court to celebrate with the fans.

All of this left an exciting ending to the game served, as there were some frictions It provoked attempts to fight back, such as that of defender Eric DueƱas from LAFCwho argued with opponents and even pushed some of them, causing them to be scolded.

In the 83rd minute The disallowed goal came to Carlos Villa misplaced, in a filtered pass that the Mexican controlled and went past the goalkeeper, but didn’t count on the scoreboard; Thus ended the match 82 alpha 110 people who filled flower pot.