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How to deactivate read receipt on Instagram step by step

How to deactivate read receipt on Instagram step by step

This time we will explain step by step how to deactivate “seen” in Instagram messages

By turning off read receipt on Instagram, you also won't be able to know when someone has read messages you've sent

There are people who pay attention to whether we read the messages they send us, on many occasions Functions related to confirming that the message has been read Generate problems of different types. Fortunately, Instagram, like WhatsApp and other social apps, allows this Disable read receipts simply and quickly.

Keeping in mind that this post It is activated by default on InstagramVarious steps must be implemented to prevent the social network from notifying the rest of the users who interact with us that we have read the messages they have sent to us.

Of course, unlike other messaging apps, such as Telegram, Read receipts cannot be disabled in individual conversations. In other words, when this function is deactivated, no user within Instagram will be able to know when we have read a message, or when we have opened a video, photo or file.

How to deactivate “Seen” in Instagram messages?

Although Instagram is available for both mobile devices and PC, it is impossible to disable read receipt through the web version of the social network. That's why yes or yes You must have the latest version of the Instagram app installed on your phone To modify this function.

Access privacy options for Instagram messages

You can only deactivate this function from the official Instagram app for Android and iOS

  • The first thing you need to do is Open the Instagram application From your mobile device.
  • Once you are logged into the social network in question, you should Click on your accountwhich will be located in the lower right corner of the screen.
  • On your Instagram profile, you'll have to do this Click on the three horizontal lineswhich will appear in the upper right corner.
Disable read receipts for Instagram messages

Instagram does not allow you to disable read receipt in individual chats

  • Instagram will take you to the section called Settings and privacy. There you will have to click on the section Messages and responses to stories.
  • Therefore, you must press Show read receipts.
  • Finally, you will have to Click the button to the right of the Read Receipts option. When this button appears greyed out, you have successfully disabled read receipt in Instagram.
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It is important to clarify that once the function in question is deactivated, we will not be able to know whether the messages we have sent have been read by other people. Likewise, there is a trick to activate invisible mode on Instagram, which is a tool that allows it Read messages without others knowing (Read confirmation function must be activated).