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It reveals the phrases you should never Google and why

It reveals the phrases you should never Google and why


Google is currently the most used search engine by users, who use it as a reference source for all kinds of questions, whether to search for a place, a phone number, a tutorial or some current information, among others. However, a specialist explained what phrases should not be included in the search engine, because they could be harmful.

by: Nation

Everything was announced by Ben Van Pelt, founder of cybersecurity company TorGuard, who in an interview with Indy100 revealed the things that it is better to avoid typing into the search engine. Each of them is explained below:

According to the expert, searching for reputable lenders is always a better alternative than blindly searching for financing on Google. This is taking into account that scammers usually advertise easy-to-access loans, which sometimes ask for down payments, but in reality this is a complete scam.

Customer service numbers

Many users were frustrated not finding the required number on the relevant website, but you should not fall for it and search for it on Google as it may directly lead to fraud. These scammers often buy fake ads so that they appear at the top of search results and thus confuse the user. “They receive these calls, sometimes hundreds of times a day, and they convincingly imitate one of the technicians,” Van Pelt explained.

You can read the full memo at Nation

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