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HONOR Magic6 Pro shows its power and quality against the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

HONOR Magic6 Pro shows its power and quality against the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

This is how the new HONOR Magic6 Pro works

Today's high-end smartphones typically offer very complete experiences. Among these cases is the HONOR Magic6 Pro phone, which has advanced technology and great camera features, in addition to artificial intelligence functions to improve users’ choices in their daily lives.

So at Infobae, we put it head to head with another phone in the range, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, to determine its capabilities in key aspects such as camera, battery, display and design. Features that many users put in first place or that they usually look for to refresh their mobile devices. This was our experience:

Let's start with the aspect that excites many users the most: the camera. Both devices have great cameras, But the HONOR Magic6 Pro features the HONOR Falcon 2.0 camera technology.

This powerful, professional-level camera is capable of capturing action images in exceptional quality, making it ideal for sports photography. next to, This phone's camera provides a focal length equivalent to the telephoto lens of a professional camera. Which allowed me to take excellent quality photos even at long distances.

The HONOR Magic6 Pro phone is distinguished by its elegant design and easy to use, as it weighs only 229 grams. (Infopay Mexico)

By comparison, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra's telephoto camera lags behind at 50MP, limiting its range and control. The HONOR Magic6 Pro's enhanced ability to perform in low-light conditions is another plus point. With a 16-pixel camera sensor to capture bright and vivid shots even in difficult lighting conditions.

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In short, the HONOR smartphone camera delivers superior image quality and performance that is best suited to a variety of situations.

Another important aspect of any mobile device is battery life, and this is where the HONOR Magic6 Pro has another chance to stand out. Equipped with the innovative HONOR Silicon-Carbon 2.0 battery, this device offers amazing autonomy thanks to its 5600 mAh battery and Silicon-Carbon technology that ensures optimal performance even in extreme conditions.

Lasts up to 13.5 hours, With the HONOR Magic6 Pro, I had no problem getting to the end of the day with battery power to keep me going at home after work. While the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra has less premium features by offering a 5000 mAh battery and traditional lithium technology for an average duration of 11.33 hours.

HONOR Magic6 Pro features a 50% improvement in glass density, and the device's panel is 10 times stronger than ordinary glass. (Infopay Mexico)

next to, The HONOR SuperCharge system allows you to charge the device to 100% in just 41 minutes using the included chargerWhile the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra takes approximately an hour to reach the same charge level and does not include the charger in the box.

HONOR Magic6 Pro display delivers a premium visual experience. With a low-power LTPO display and TÜV Rheinland certifications for visual comfort, this monitor ensures comfortable viewing in any environment.

In addition, the screen of this cell phone has received five-star certification from SGS for its impact resistance, thanks to advanced materials, such as HONOR Shield Glass Pro, that provide exceptional durability. With a 50% improvement in crystal density, The device's panel is 10 times stronger than regular glass, making it ideal for users who are constantly on the move and must constantly protect the phone's components.

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In terms of brightness, the HONOR Magic6 Pro also outperforms the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, with up to 1,600 nits of maximum brightness and 5,000 nits of maximum HDR brightness, compared to 1,381 nits of peak brightness and 2,786 nits of peak brightness. The box in the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra.

HONOR Magic6 Pro has AI functions and innovative technologies in its camera. (Infopay Mexico)

In this aspect, The HONOR Magic6 Pro phone is distinguished by its elegant design and easy to use, as it weighs only 229 grams.Which makes it lighter and more comfortable than the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, which weighs 233 grams.

Although the weight difference may seem minimal, it is a factor that gave us greater comfort in daily use. With its ergonomic design and high-quality materials, the HONOR phone fits perfectly in the user's hand, providing an exceptional user experience in all aspects.