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The moon and Mars will end the year with a "kiss", when and where do you see the astronomical phenomenon in Mexico?

The moon and Mars will end the year with a “kiss”, when and where do you see the astronomical phenomenon in Mexico?

the moon s Mars This will close 2021 with a kiss” When all of the orbs are in jointly, very close to each other when the astronomical phenomenon known as “The Qibla between the Moon and Mars”, which can be seen both in Mexico and around the world.

The astronomical phenomenon is one of the most surprising events of the year, since the convergence of celestial bodies is not limited to each other, because the conjugation also occurs between other planets of the solar system.

Unlike other astrological events, the Qibla is between the Moon and Mars It does not need a special environment Even it can be appreciated, because lovers of space phenomena will not have to wait for the sky to be completely dark until nightfall to appreciate it.

When and where do you see the “kiss” between the moon and Mars in Mexico?

The Qibla between the Moon and Mars can be seen from this Next Friday December 31, moments before the night covers sunset. The space event will continue until Early in the morning Saturday January 1, 2022.

In order to fully appreciate it, a kiss between the Moon and Mars would not require special astronomy equipment, not even a simple telescope, since I know You will see as soon as you lift your face Heading to outer space.

The Moon and Mars will “kiss.” photo: special

Other astronomical phenomena will appear in 2022 from January 7where you can see Mercury reaches its brightest When it reaches its highest altitude, for 10 days after that, the January 17 the January full moon, popularly known as werewolf, which can also be seen in different parts of the world.

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In the last month of the year that ended, various astronomical phenomena occurred, including one not seen in more than 20 years, when the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn occurred. We also had a total solar eclipse and a meteor shower.

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