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WhatsApp: How to find out what the deleted message said

WhatsApp: How to find out what the deleted message said

Mexico City /

One of the most popular instant messaging apps in Mexico is The WhatsApp. That is why the application itself has made many changes, with the aim of improving User Experience.

How many users are using WhatsApp in Mexico?

According to statista.com, a portal specializing in statistics, Mexico has registered around 80.9 million WhatsApp users in 2020

But not only this application has been accompanied by improvements, but also by some “Tricks” It can be useful sometimes. For example, have you ever wondered if it was possible to discover the message they sent you, but what It was removed before reading it?

What messages can be recovered and what cannot?

Before anything else, you should know that not all deleted WhatsApp messages are can be recovered, because this only works for those who are saved in Support.

What is possible is imagined preview who are they Notices Which one reached your cell phone, and where the information they sent you is detailed, as well as who shared it.

Mexicans use up to 4 hours a day Your WhatsApp

How do you discover deleted WhatsApp messages?

Follow the instructions below for mobile phones Samsung:

  1. Enter the “Settings” option.
  2. Then find the “Notifications” option and tap.
  3. Now find the box “Advanced settings” and select it.
  4. Finally, activate the “Notification History” option.

After performing this procedure, if someone sends you messages and then deletes them, you can go to Notification log received in the last 24 hours, which will allow you to review the preview that arrived on your cell phone.

You have to take into account that this may saturate your memory, so it is advised to delete some notifications to avoid this.