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OxygenOS 14 has more bad stuff than you thought

OxygenOS 14 has more bad stuff than you thought

It is clear that OnePlus has lost ground in Spain compared to the last few years. Other brands swipe it to the right, so the Asian company had to figure out how to find the key that invites users to come back again. the The solution to the issues appears to be OxygenOS 14although there are many things about the update that have not been finalized yet.

At the beginning of the year, OxygenOS 14 was released along with the OnePlus 12 and while other ecosystems gained importance, such as One UI and Xiaomi HyperOS, the OnePlus layer did not stand out much this generation, remaining in background Just as they claim From the police robot. It is true that it continues to maintain and take care of those polished aesthetics, but in terms of functionality it leaves something to be desired for multiple reasons and Users agree too.

OxygenOS 14 did not work for this reason

Having a OnePlus 11 with OxygenOS 14 is the same as having a OnePlus 12 with OxygenOS 14. The latest generation model doesn't even get any new features compared to the rest of the models, so you can get an idea of ​​the few new features it includes. After surprising everyone with a very special program for its foldable mobile phone, the OnePlus Ace, the brand has returned to the traditional line with an update. It introduces design changes and little else, while remaining in a common layer very similar to the OPPO or Realme UI layer. The difference is that these last two have a certain essence, but OxygenOS stopped being something exclusive in a certain way a long time ago.

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Moreover, A The update brought many problems During the first weeks of the stable release, bugs reported by users included:

  • App animation not working.
  • The battery is unstable.
  • Letter fonts are very large.
  • Camera quality is not good.
  • Face unlock does not work properly in some apps.

he Receive OxygenOS 14 It was not as expected due to this series of bugs, which along with the new features absent in the new version led to complaints from the community. It's true that many users are happy with how smooth it feels, but given the competition, there are those who expected much more from a popular customization layer like OxygenOS.

What needs to be improved in OxygenOS 15?

There are still a few months until the presentation and first builds of OxygenOS 15, but we already have it Wish list for future release From OnePlus. The current OxygenOS 14 has failed to provide new features and options, so the next update should be a revolution that makes us forget the bad news. Among the new features we request in OxygenOS 15 are:

  • Customize your lock screen using widgets.
  • Special AI with interesting accessibility features.
  • Alert slider with customizable options.
  • Renewed multimedia player.
  • Set the app drawer to 5×5.
  • More attractive design changes and no improvements.

Changes to the Oxygenos 14 interface

It remains to be seen what OnePlus will surprise users with. Most likely, we will see the first touches of the new AI, although it remains to be seen what it is capable of and whether it can compete with Google or Samsung.

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