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Why does a cell phone have a better chance of being saved when dropped from an airplane than from a kitchen table?

Why does a cell phone have a better chance of being saved when dropped from an airplane than from a kitchen table?

Research reveals why smartphones withstand falls from higher heights better than minor falls. (Archives)

Why some Cell phone Can survive a fall from a airplaneBut not from the kitchen table? This was the question posed by the former mechanical engineer of a pot And recognized YouTube user Mark RobertIn cooperation with a press team from Wall Street Journal (Wall Street Journal)They were able to decrypt it through A an experience Where he tested the concept “Terminal speed“.

the Terminal speed It is a physical concept that describes the maximum speed a car can reach. Goal In free fall, whether in air or water, by balancing the forces of gravity and the resistance of the fluid. when Goal Falling, initially accelerated by gravity. However, as your speed increases, fluid resistance (or drag) also increases.

Ultimately, this resistance equals the force of gravity, causing… Goal Stop accelerating and move at a constant speed. This constant speed is known as Terminal speed.

in it an experience to Robertthe last Smartphone models to Manzana And Samsunghe iPhone 14 And the Galaxy S23Shows remarkable resistance to falls from different heights.

Surfaces such as asphalt cause significant damage to smartphones from low heights. (pixabay)

Mark RobertHe explained that A Goal It reaches its maximum speed when the force of gravity equals air resistance. to smart phoneThis exists 97 km per hour, which suggests that “Whether the phone falls from a height of 91 meters or from a higher height, the result will be the same due to this speed limit.”.

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Resist these Devices Tested with A DroneWho brought them down from the heights 90 cm, 9.1 metres And 91 metres. Tests conducted on grass surfaces showed that both… iPhone 14 as Galaxy S23 They withstood impacts well, even from the highest altitude, and showed only a small impact Dirt marks At their charging ports.

However, the impact resistance was different when the surface was changed to asphalt. From a height of only 90 cm Devices They only showed small cracks and abrasions, but when the height increased to 9.1 metres, the results were significant damage: iPhone 14 His glass back ended up completely broken and Galaxy S23 with Cracks in the OLED screen Which affected his jobs.

OtterBox Defender cases provide improved hardware resistance. (Mark Gurman/Bloomberg)

Rhett Allen, Associate Professor of Physics In the Southeastern Louisiana UniversityHe explained the importance of hysteresis and how it affects the material of the impact surface: “The grass serves to protect the falling object, allowing for a slower deceleration. Hard surfaces like asphalt or bathroom tiles cause a much more sudden deceleration. L said Wall Street Journal.

To complete the study, additional tests were performed using protective covers otterbox defender, From a height of 91 meters with protective covers Otterbox Defender. the Phones They showed a marked improvement in resistance, even though they were not invulnerable.

he iPhone 14 She suffered a complete break in the back window Galaxy S23 It was subjected to severe bending which completely damaged it. Doug Kimble, Vice President of Engineering in OtterBoxHe highlighted the importance of design in protection situations, pointing out that “A good case can provide crucial protection.” For this Devices.

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Covers Otterbox DefenderDesigned to absorb shock before it hits phone. These covers are subjected to tests including: 26 waterfalls From a height 1.2 metresensuring broad protection against impacts in different parts of the body device.