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The secret to changing your cell phone wallpaper automatically

The secret to changing your cell phone wallpaper automatically

This option allows you to make your wallpaper interactive without having to update it every time. (Photo: Christine Klose/DPA)

In the current era, characterized by technological progress and consumers’ need for products that reflect their personality, mobile phone companies such as Samsung, Huawei and Xiaomi have found in device customization a new opportunity to meet the requirements of their users.

This desire extends to various aspects of the Android phone, including the ability for users to automatically change the wallpaper to provide a more dynamic and personalized experience.

the next, We provide the process of how to access this function on each mobile phonewhich has this option in its system.

One UI was one of the innovative tools that included the option to switch screens with other displays. (Image: Samsung)

In the case of Samsung, which has been one of the leaders in this space with its One UI, it offers a “Dynamic Lock Screen” option. This feature allows users to periodically update the lock screen with new imagesaccording to your personal tastes, such as anime, sports, landscape, comics, movies or series.

To activate this feature, users must do this process:

  • Go into your device settings and select the option mentioned above.
  • Configure how often you want images to update automatically.
Huawei is another brand that has this option. (Photo: Reuters/Tingshu Wang)

It has developed Magazine Mode within its EMUI 8 interfacewhich allows users to select a group of images to auto-rotate on the lock screen.

This function seeks to simulate a personal digital journal, Every time the user activates his device, he encounters a new image that can attract his interest or reflect his mood.

  1. Once it appears on the home screen, the user must find and select the “Settings” icon to enter the system settings menu. This symbol is usually represented by a gear.
  2. Under the Settings menu, you should find and select the “Lock Screen & Wallpapers” option.
  3. The user will find the option to “Lock Magazine”. You must select it to access the specific settings for this mode.
  4. Once Magazine Lock is enabled, it is possible to customize the themes of the photos that will be displayed on the lock screen. Huawei offers a variety of themes, such as landscapes, cities, daily life, and more.
  5. Optionally, in some versions of EMUI, users can set the number of times images on the lock screen are changed.
This option allows greater user interaction with their mobile devices. (Illustrative image)

As part of its efforts to provide similar experiences to its users, This mobile brand has implemented the “Circular Wallpaper” in MIUI 12.

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This feature works similarly to those offered by Samsung and Huawei, providing an automatically updated photo gallery to enrich the user’s experience with their devices.

Xiaomi is another mobile phone brand that is betting on this interaction with its users. Photo: Franziska Gabbert/DPA

Here is the step by step to access this option:

  1. Select Settings and select the “Display” option.
  2. Choose the “Wallpaper” option and then “Circular Background Wallpaper”
  3. Under Background Library Settings, you will find a switch or button to activate or deactivate this function. The user must ensure that it is activated.
  4. Once you activate the carousel, you can customize preferences, such as how often you change photos on the lock screen. Options can also be provided to select specific categories of images based on the user’s interests (nature, cities, art, etc.).
  5. To check if the wallpaper circuit is working, the user can lock the device and then activate the lock screen several times to see the images change automatically.

These customization tools not only reflect the efforts made by mobile phone manufacturers to adapt to the special preferences of their users, but also, They emphasize the importance of providing unique and personalized experiences.

Previously, phone customization was limited to superficial changes, but it has now transformed into a more comprehensive experience that directly impacts users’ daily interaction with their devices.