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Can the Earth be divided into two parts?

Can the Earth be divided into two parts?

Can the Earth be divided into two parts?
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A group of scientists revealed that in the depths of the Himalayan mountain range there is a large geological fault, which could generate fragmentation of the Indian region, according to the research, “rupture and fragmentation of the Indian rocky mantle during the subduction of flat plates.” ‘.

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The discovery determines that in the tectonic plates that divide the Asian continent, and more specifically in the Tibet region, there is a rupture and delamination of the lithospheric mantle, which in the event of a collision between the two parts would lead to the fragmentation of the Hindu region. Although tectonic plates can break vertically, in this case these breaks were tangential, making this an unusual and potentially dangerous situation.

The error continues to progress; It can increase the number of earthquakes

According to the experts and those responsible for publishing the research, the crack is progressing significantly, which may increase the number of earthquakes, just as they monitored a crack in the Asian plateau, “Kona Sangri.”

It should be noted that the Himalayas are a majestic mountain range, but at the same time they represent some dangers and it has been ignored for years that their formation occurred as a result of the collision of two tectonic plates thousands of years ago. This created one of the largest mountain formations on Earth, but it may now be in danger.

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