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Persecution continues in Nicaragua: the Ortega regime has ordered the closure of 13 more NGOs

Persecution continues in Nicaragua: the Ortega regime has ordered the closure of 13 more NGOs

The Nicaraguan regime increases repression: it ordered the closure of 13 other non-governmental organizations in the country (Reuters)

System Daniel Ortega This Thursday ordered a closure 13 Non-governmental organizations in Nicaragua As a result of their alleged non-compliance with laws that stipulate that their financial data must be reported, “which hinders supervision and monitoring” by the responsible agency. Interior Minister Maria Amelia Coronel has approved its dissolution, and after this announcement the Public Prosecutor’s Office will move forward Transferring your personal or real property to the name of the state.

Among the entities reached were the Association of Airlines, the Nicaraguan Taekwondo Association, the Nicaraguan Sports Fishing Association, the Nicaraguan Association of Musical Groups and Soloists, the Masaya Without Borders Association, the Torna-Dalia Livestock Association, and the Chamber of Services for Officials. Consumerism, competition law, intellectual property, administrative and environmental law, and other laws of an evangelical Christian nature.

And so are others Two organizations They asked them Voluntary solution To complete the “set of projects that will be implemented” in the country. This is the Cristiana Cuenta Conmigo and Heifer Proyecto Internacional Foundation, which works to promote community development in order to eradicate poverty and hunger. In their cases, because they voluntarily ceased their activities, their assets will not be transferred to the state.

And with Thursday’s announcement, there already is More than 3600 Dissolved non-profit organizations in context Political crisis Which Nicaragua has been experiencing since the popular protests in April 2018.

Repression against social and opposition organizations intensified after the massive protests of 2018

Then, when people expressed their dissatisfaction with the Ortega-Murillo duo, the regime considered this wave driven by third parties – such as Washington – providing resources, by funding these organizations, in order to try to overthrow them. As a result, he launched a raid against them, one of the many actions he often takes in order to silence dissenting voices.

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However, in theory, the Executive maintains that this is a regulatory process since a significant portion of these entities are not properly registered.

Such is the level of persecution in the country that the US State Department targeted Managua in its latest annual report on human rights in the world. Serious abuse committed against the opponents mentioned, in addition to closing these organizations, revoking the citizenship of about 300 people, pressuring and punishing exiled activists, and imprisoning more than 100 political prisonersWhich keeps him imprisoned “in terrible conditions.”

In a recent report, the United States warned of human rights violations committed by the Ortega-Murillo duo (EFE).

In keeping with their style, the ruling couple rejected these remarks and accused Washington of launching another “attack” on their sovereignty.

“This new assault and violations is a notorious document from the United States Department of State, which ascribes to itself a role that no one gives itself as guardian of human rights in the world. We are not at all aware of this ascription that the North American empire gives itself,” Morello said, while “We will respond to the list of slander, defamation and slander by attributing them to themselves,” Ortega emphasized.

(With information from AFP and EFE)